anyone have a bal "shoulder" style?

  1. a very good friend of mine encouraged me to recently purchase a magenta shoulder. this bag looks like the makeup case with a shoulder strap. do any of you have this style? it is an itty bitty thing with an itty bitty bal makeup mirror. and magenta:heart:. why is this color so addicting? :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: i will post pix when it magenta weekender can eat this little guy for breakfast!:cool:
  2. I don't have it but the little mirror sounds so cute!!!
  3. zac, it is! it is just like bal mirrors but a mini-me version in magenta no less!:biggrin:
  4. Mmmmm.... Magenta Shoulder tucked inside a Magenta weekender....looking forward to the pics.

    I have a "shoulder" bag in gorgeous '05 Black leather. It's super-cute, but I've only carried it a handful of times. I don't know if I should keep it?
  5. I also have it in Black (purchased in 2005 at Harvey Nichols). I LOVE this bag ... it's just perfect as an Evening bag, but I also use it to store odds and ends (lip gloss, hand cream, etc.) in my regular bag. When using it as an Evening bag, I clip on the "Boobie", so that have extra room for some spare change/small bills. I think this is a super versatile bag and it would TOTALLY rock in Magenta!!! Go for it :yes: :yes: :yes: !!
  6. rock, would i would love to see pix of your black one. since i got mine retail , i can return it if it dosent work for me.

    does anyone know what year the shoulder was started? i think it is relatively recent, not 01, 02 or 03 for sure....
  7. chauss, I think it just came out in 05. CeeJay, I'd love to see pix of your black shoulder with the planet attached!
  8. So you ordered it? :yahoo: Can't wait to see pics of it next to its big sister - the weekender. Let me know how it works out for you!
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