Anyone have a bag in the new smoke blue color

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  1. Hi ladies. Do any of you have one of the bags in the new smike blue color or have you seen it IRL? How does the color compare with the ones on the website?
  2. The color IRL and the color on the site are the same IMO
    I love this color - I think more than the Teal in the Mia Maggies
  3. I LOVE this color too. And think the website does depict it fairly accurately. Honestly I am so surprised this does not seem to be on people's radar for PCE or many reveals is TDF. I plan to get the small Kristin satchel. It is more green than a blue teal. Whereas the Maggie looks more a bluish teal. Have not seen the Maggie IRL to say which one I like better
  4. It sure is on my PCE list! Either the brown or the smoke blue lg. Kristin hobo.
  5. Love the color and the texture of the leather of the blue smoke Kristin more than the ocean teal Maggie, but can't decide between the small satchel and the pleated satchel.
  6. I just saw it this morning. It is really dark, nothing like the Sydney teal (as has already been reported by some members). It's pretty much a seawater green. Super dark and matte. I was thinking about getting it, in the zip top style, to replace my Sydney (since I'm not really a fan of the flap top, would rather have an open top w/ zip closure), but it's really not a shade of (blue)green I would wear.

    Apparently there's a Blue Mist color coming out w/ silver hardware, but the SA showed me the Blue Mist color in the Madison line, and while there's a good possibility that they aren't alike at all, it was pretty much GRAY, not blue at all, so I didn't even want to chance it (they didn't have any of the Kristin Blue Mist color in yet, and they couldn't find a picture of it anywhere, they even called JAX to see if they knew what the exact color was, and shocker, JAX didn't know).

    I ended up getting the zip top in brown, just bought a pair of boots that it'll match perfectly. It's smaller than I expected it to be. And if I see it at an outlet in 3 weeks, I'm going to have an attack.
  7. I thought the EXACT same thing about "blue mist" and "dove". They are both gray, although they show up on when you type in "blue" in the search.
    They are gray.
    The mia patent tote/carryall in "dove" is absolutely gray. It is a beautiful color, but it is gray, not if anyone is thinking of ordering it, please keep this in mind.
  8. I had the kristin pleated shoulder bag in this and returned it because it was darker than the website pics and my hubby said the bag looked like a pillow.
  9. Yeah I am not crazy about the shape of the pleated Kristin
  10. I'm thinking of getting the small Kristin Blue Smoke Satchel with my PCE. I wear Jeans most of the time and it looked like it would look good with jeans. Has anyone else gotten this Satchel?
  11. No. i' ve seen it IRL and it's really nice. If I was to get a kristin satchel it would be in this color. I'm not liking the pleated satchels either. I wish they would have kept the large original satchel with the pocket.
  12. I have the pleated Kristin in blue smoke. It looks much less like MY monitor - much less tealish. Personally, I love it. I wanted a blue that was neither teal nor cobalt nor navy.