Anyone have a bag in Gris Chartreux?

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  1. Just wondering, because I haven't seen many reveals of this color. I probably wouldn't have thought twice about it if I hadn't seen it in the store - a really nice dark periwinkle. I'm kind of coveting the Velo in this color. Has anyone picked up any Gris Chartreux, or is anyone eyeing it? And would anyone like to share a pic? :biggrin:
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    Unfortunately I can't help, but I'd love to know does the blue have purple undertones? :smile: It looks like it in some stock photos but not in everyone.
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    I saw and tryed on a Gris Chartreux classic city with RH at Breuninger, Düsseldorf. I dont liked it, because it was too shiny and it looks like plastic,in my opinion. The pure color was not bad. But you have to try it by yourself
  4. Yes, it does have purple undertones in person! That's what makes it such an interesting color to me. The stock photos do a really poor job of showing the actual color, in my opinion. That's why I was hoping to see some pics of Gris Chartreux in the wild!

    It IS shiny, isn't it??? I agree; that is a little off-putting.
  5. The shine is my key Problem with Balenciaga. That keeps me away from buying one. It dont look like a high quality Bag. But I dont give up, every time a see a black classic city with RH , I try it one, since 2014. I know the shine goes away by wearing it, but I only buy a bag witch I like 100% in the shop. I regret that I dont get one years ago
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467201522.604605.jpg
    Here is mine!! Velo in Gris Chartreux!!
    Haven't carried her yet as very new but should take her out tomorrow..
  7. It is stuffed here by the way..
    Maybe I take a mod shoot tomorrow if I can!
  8. Yayyyy, I would love to see one! The Gris Chartreux Velo is exactly the bag I have my eye on! I actually went in for black, but was distracted by this gorgeous color when I saw it on the shelf. WOW, it really photographs BLUE though, doesn't it??? I mean, I know it *is* blue, but I feel like this is one of those multidimensional colors that looks different in different light, and it really translates as navy blue in pictures. Would you say that's the case? Congratulations on this beauty. I can't wait to see more pics. :flowers:

    Bunnybaby, I did get a very shiny black City a couple of months ago . . . and the shine is already starting to wear off, to my relief! For some reason I don't mind the shine as much on black & darker colors. It almost looks like patent leather, which is actually ok with me, especially since it eventually chills out a bit, LOL. On lighter colors, it looks a little off. I was looking at a Cumin velo on eBay, and while the color is gorgeous, it seems like a color that should be more matte!
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  9. Just adding here that I bought this one as preloved. So not 100./. sure about the color name at end because I don't see those purple undertones personnaly! But it s from 2015 and looks very much like the one on the website..
  10. It's so hard to tell, because there's also Bleu Obscur out there, also from 2015 - and they look almost identical in pictures! I've never seen Bleu Obscur in person, so it's hard for me to make a determination.
  11. Well the Bleu Obscur looks lighter to me.. This one is really a deep navy blue.. The leather is shiny but I love it this way!!
  12. That was my first Idea, when I saw your Picture, looks like Blue Obscur . Nice color
  13. I am pretty sure it is the Gris Chartreux as it looks really similar to the one on the website!
    I may do a research with the color code if I can..!
  14. But why is it called ' Gris' in the name, when its dark blue colored ? Whats Balenciaga thinking about. Thats confuses me a bit
  15. Thanks for your advice, maybe I should change my thoughts on it and enjoy the bags, we will see in the future.
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