Anyone have a bag from Leonello Borghi?

  1. Don't have one, but I'm searching for one of the really big ones from a past collection in a dark brown. The leather is supposed to be AMAZING! I really like the bags in the link you especially can't pass up a good sale!
  2. I just bought the "Luna" style which resembles the Birkin in an olive green. The leather is TDF. I would love to get the same bag in a larger size in chocolae brown or a whiskey color. Does anyone know where they can be purchased in NJ? The boutique that I purschased it from no longer carrier this line.
  3. I have a Leonello Borghi bag and it is one of my favorites. I just put it aside for the Botkier Sasha Tote, which I love. I do miss the Borghi though. I am not one of the gals who goes bag and forth between bags. I carry one for a while and then switch. I have a chocolate tote from the Spago line - gorgeous leather, gorgeous styling and great outer pockets. I thought I would eBay it when I started carrying the Sasha but I have yet been unable to part with it as I am afraid it is a move I will regret.
  4. I did have one, but I gave it away. It was silver. I bought it from QVC- he has been on there a couple of times.
    It was a very nice bag, nice leather, beautiful blue lining. I just never used it.
  5. I like the current line except for the one the uses fur. All the others have nice designs.
  6. I just bought one from the Barneys warehouse sale. to die for!
  7. I just received my Luna bag by Leonello Borghi that I got from the Ideeli sale and I absolutely love love love it! It is incredibly well made and so chic! And I love that the designer is still a little under the radar.
  8. Hello, I am new and as of yet have not posted my bags but I have 4 bags by this designer and boy are they beautiful. I have the mink bag, the large shopping tote, the eel hobo and the HUGE red overnight bag. these bags are so well made and the leather is TDF! I will post all of my bags soon.
  9. I hate to say this, I ordered a luna studded bag and it is very ugly, cheap looking, heavy and impractical. I paid around 440 for it. I wouldnt buy it for 20 dollars. Dont waste your time on this one, there are much better desingers out there.
  10. one of the olsen's owns a bag from that line. the leather looks amazing i was talking about it recently!

  11. Please tell me it's the Black Luna Stud Satchel! If so I would love to take it off your hands.