Anyone have a 50cm Kelly?

  1. Would you care to share a picture of it? How do you use it? Travel alone?
  2. Katie Holmes has one. I think this look can only be pulled off for traveling.
  3. /\ /\ Is that a Kelly, or a Birkin?
  4. I believe that's a HAC ^^^
    Anyway I don't have a 50 but I think 50 for a big guy would be good...maybe a bit can always go for the 40! Great size...I tried it on and it was ohhhhhh...
    If you want something for travel you can go fo a HAC or a Birkin 45 or 50!
  5. Oooh, you're right its an HAC. Its soooo huge that I couldnt even tell! LOL. Sorry!
  6. Don't worry's a HAC and it looks awful on her!
    On me would be tdf! lol
    really seems like the HAC is folding her and not the other way...haha
  7. Thanks everyone. Yes, that's a 50cm HAC. I haven't seen pics of anyone carrying a 50cm Kelly.
  8. my friend has one. really really big and heavy . good as a weekender bag. will post pics if anyone here is interested.
  9. Please post. Totally interested in one: especially modeling pics, but anything will do.
  10. yup sure will ask him for permission later. its a rouge(not sure which)+Crinoline 50cm kelly wiv GHW. canvas strap.
  11. Cool, thanks. It even has a shoulder strap? My 50cm Birkin does not :sad:
  12. I think she looks ridiculous. The bag looks like its on steroids or was made for Paul Bunyon!
  13. Thats the beauty of KELLY!! The shoulder strap. It makes all the difference.
  14. katie holmes has another pic where she is carrying this HAC but shes in black skirt & white top. she looks very chic in that outfit... though i must admit this bag is wayy too big for her. it kinda swallows up her...........
  15. India, i worry about the weight of a 50 cm kelly. Do you think that the leather, plus full of stuff might eventually break the turn key lock? Especially since I hear that some people's turn keys have been bent on 35 cm and 32 cm because of weight?