Anyone have a 25 series classic flap caviar?

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  1. I see some pics and the caviar is so nice and glossy! Debating if I should get one from that season...
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  2. I know it‘s not a classic flap but I have the zippy coin purse in a 25 series and it‘s indeed extremely shiny and glossy! I also compared it to my Chanel Mini which has a more matte caviar leather (that one is a 23 series).

    I'm not sure if there is a difference in Chanel between their bags and their SLGs when it come to the different series and leathers.. but I thought I'd show it anyway to compare

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  3. I own a 25 series jumbo classic flap in beige clair from last spring 2018. The caviar is beautiful. Nice sheen and structure to it.

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  4. i have a mini classic from 25 series and it is one of the best caviar seasons imo :amuse: beautiful sheen, absolutely gorgeous!
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