anyone have a 25% off they aren't going to use

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  1. Please let me know!!! I would greatly appreciate it!!!:tup:
  2. Me, too!! I thought I could hold out until December, but I just can't wait!! TIA!
  3. I'm going on the request list too in the hope I can talk DH into the Bleeker Flap as an early Christmas present....:sweatdrop:
  4. I got one of those cards in the mail these week. It caught me off guard because I've never received anything from Coach before. But is this 25% card good on only Winter 2007 items?

    I'd love to use this card but I might not be able to. I'm working less hours because of school and I really shouldn't be spending money at the moment. I need to save up for Christmas. But it's sooooooo tempting!
  5. I'm going to hop on the bandwagon and ask if anyone else also has a card to spare. I know exactly the purse I want but haven't made the commitment yet because of the price. Even people I know who have a few purses would comment that my choice is a little expensive. :sweatdrop: I'll write a heartfelt thank you note to the kind soul that decides to take pity on me. :graucho:
  6. LADIES!!! ask your SA's politely for the discount. I mentioned it to my SA last night and she said to come back today and she would give it to me!!!!
  7. Wah! You're so lucky. T_T

    I don't think any of the SA's in the coach near me are that nice.. T_T

    I would LOVE to receive a coach card.. T_T
  8. Same here...picked up a wallet and wristlet today with the discount!! :tup:
  9. Do you two have a regular SA? or RAOK from the SA? T_T
  10. I went to a Coach Boutique today and the SA there denied there were any discount cards sent out! She just said that they don't have sales at Coach. The SA's here in AZ really aren't that helpful nor friendly. And unfortunately, we don't have any Coach Factory Outlets either. *sigh*
  11. If there is anyone else that has card that they don't need or already used I would love to have it if you'd be so kind.:flowers:
  12. I will be picking up a bag I ordered on monday. I must just ask to see if I can get the discount.
  13. My sister's boyfriend recieved a card. I used it to buy bags for my sister and I. The stipulation at our boutique was that everything had to be rung up together and she took the coupon so we could not use it more thn once. It says the latter on the back of the card. The SA made a comment like, "This isn't like PCE".

    I got the Signature Studded Gallery Tote in Brown!
  14. What is the discount called? I would like to ask an SA at my Coach Store, but what should I refer to?
  15. It's like a coupon for the outlet buyers..

    I'm not sure on it's specific name.. just be like.. I heard there was a card send out to coach buys specifically from outlets.. but I never received one.. :sad: