Anyone have a 2007 Corvette z06?

  1. Helllloooo -

    My dad is looking at getting a 2007 Corvette z06. Right now he has a 2006 Mustang GT. Its nice and kinda fast, but he's thinking he wants something more. Does anyone have a z06? If so, what do you think about it? He's been driving stick for FOREVER and he deftinantly knows how to control a car of this power, so that isnt a problem. Ive looked at several reviews online, and for the most part, it sounds like everyone that has gotten one has been extremely pleased. So...any imput that you guys have would be great! TIA!

  2. Hi,

    Going from a 2006 Mustang GT to a 2007 Zo6 is quite a leap. It's going to handle a lot different than a Mustang and that has nothing to do with it being stick. The power to weight ratio is different, the balance is different, the gears are different, the TC systems are different..etc. I would highly recommend a test drive before leaping into a vehicle with 505 hp stock.

    just my .02
  3. My husband track races our late model Corvettes on the weekends.

    The new Z06 is fast...dangerously fast...and like Lisa says, a different beast from your dad's GT. It is more powerful and less-forgiving than our older Z06's.

    He's been track racing cars for over 10 years, and the first time he took our '06 out, it scared him.
  4. To be honest, I think if your dad is looking for some specific information you should check out a Car Forum or blog because they can give you a better idea than just the consumer opinions.
  5. I don't have a z06 but a z05(oh the DH has one and I take it out every once in awhile. lol). That's the model before the z06. It's extremely fast and he will get tons of attention. The DH have no complaints on it though. I'm sure your dad will love it.
  6. My recommendation if he wants a really hot, fast American muscle car is to get the new Mustang Shelby GT...they are TDF and really fast :smile:

    That is what my Dad is planning on getting
  7. LisaG719 - we are going to test drive it. we would never buy a car without driving it first. also, i know there is much more to it than just being stick. however, what i was really asking was what you actually thought about the car itself...not all the differences between the gt and the z06...thanks anyway!!

    shoefan - interesting! i wonder how my dad will feel after hes driven it...

    sheishollywood - we are also doing that, just thought that i would ask the girls on here but thanks for the advice!!

    xxsillyx - glad to hear that DH has no complaints! thats always a good sign!

    couturegrl - the shelby gt is ok...however, the shelby gt 500 is amazing! we have thought about that but i think my dad is leaning toward the vette!

    thanks for all the help so far!
  8. A Z05? that the C5 with the 2 stripes above the driver's front tire?

    Yeah, a Z06 is a rather huge jump from a Mustang GT. It's almost double the HP. I mean, I'm sure he can drive it, just be careful until he really understands how the power is delivered and how to handle it properly. What about a standard C6? They certainly aren't slouches.
    As far as quality, Vettes have usually been pretty good. They've just started to raise the quality on their interior trim. Obvs, the engine is been great for a few years now. I think it's a great deal for the money.
  9. I like the new z06 but i defintaly perfer the coupe because of the targa top!!! We couldn't live with out ours. This played the bigest decision in all of out vette purchases ( 4 so far ). I don't understand why people would get a sports car like that without being able to take the top off. Although I do get annoyed when people say oh you got a coupe too bad (they think its slow and since we are young that we didn't have the money for a z06), but we have a little suprise for them! Tell him to get a regular one supercharged (for REAL good time).