Anyone have a 2007 Black bbag that has NOT faded?

  1. I wanna buy a red bbag for a long time. But when I saw two of my friends' bags, I was kinda :confused1:. One of the bag has pink color and the other one is light blue. Both of them are from 05. The fading was....uh, the worst part is the center of the bag. The pink one looks pale and dirty. The center of the blue one is almost light grey! Has anyone have a red bag? What will happen if I use it a lot? :sad:
  2. Hi, I have a Rouge VIF First that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I used to wear it all the time but now I notice it is looking a bit dirty so now I only use it sparingly :shrugs: But the reds are so beautiful!!
  3. Any color changes? Thanks!
  4. One of the BIG reasons I am frustarted with Balenciaga is the colors I REALLY want, pale pink and Calcaire fade and turn yellow. I dont feel that as consumers paying a lot for a Balenciaga that they should do this. I think that Balenciaga should rethink the goat skin thing. They obviously dont hold color well or they wouldnt turn yellow and fade, if you look at them the wrong way it seems the corners wear out and if you even gentley rub against something such as your jacket, a rubbing mark shows. NONE of my Chloe bags did this and I had a couple that were just tossed around and they held up beautifully.

    I just bought the NM Anniversary bag and quite honestly I am a bit afraid to use the damn thing! Still thinking of returning it.
  5. So far, none of mine have faded or changed color. Even my older bags haven't gotten yellow or faded like the pinks from '06 did. I don't know what makes some do it but I do think if you moisturize them and keep them protected they are less likely to do it. If you have to constantly clean the bare leather, that can't be good for it. That's why I like Apple Guard. The dirt stays on the surface and wipes right off. Maybe it also sort of locks in the dye, who knows?
    Donna I agree with you 100%. They shouldn't do it, none of them, and none of my other bags do it either. I agree about the corners. You can carry some of them 5-6 times and the corners show rubbing. In fact one of my new bags from NM showed rubbing and I sent it back.
  6. The bags that appear to be the most prone to fading from what I have seen and heard are:
    -Sky Blue
    -Ice Blue
    -Pale Rose
    -Bubblegum Pink
    And some yellowing on white bags from previous years has popped up also.
    But if you keep them out of sunlight and use a protectant spray such as Appleguard, you should be okay.
    I have yet to see any fading on a red bag.:smile:
  7. My french blue is really faded - and I have only had it a few months (over autumn too - not the middle of an aussie summer!). It looks more like cornflower blue now. I thought I was imagining things, but when compared to the back of the mirror it is really noticeable. And it has started to yellow directly below the handles. I think it may be from the studs on the bottom of the handles touching the leather when it is sitting?
  8. Blues fade for sure...such a shame, too.
  9. Thank all you guys for the information! Maybe the darker the color is, the less faded it will be? Chole leather is a lot different from Balenciaga. Maybe different process of the leather really matters. I was a chole fan for two years but they were just too HEAVY. Once I took my edith to a conference holding my thinkpad, and my hand and arm were SO tired.
  10. ^ Angel, I was a huge Chloe fan before I changed over to bbags. I loved the way paddingtons looked (that lock is so dang cool) but at 3lbs empty and 4-5lbs full, my right arm was starting to get more muscular than my right. lol. :boxing:I knew then that it had to go!

    I also had an Edith and I agree that when that bag is stuffed it is also very heavy. I think with any bag the corners will fade or scratch over time because of the contact it has with objects, floors, desks, etc. Paddingtons would fade on the corners no matter what year.
  11. I think the softer the leather, the more delicate it is. It doesn't matter what brand - rubbing and wear is very common on soft, delicate leathers. I actually think Balenciaga is more stain and scratch resistant than other brands with more comparable, thin, soft leather.

    With an extra amount of care, it seems apparent to me that Balenciaga bags can be kept in great condition - there are steps that can be taken to prevent handles form darkening and colors from fading. It would be nice if we didn't have to do those things ourselves, of course, but its not like other brands have done anything like that either.
  12. 06 lilac tends to fade a little too.
  13. What about black? I have a brand new black day, and don't know if I should spray it with Apple Guard or what to do with it. I specifically bought black to avoid some of the issues that other colors have.
  14. I heard black bag is much better. But my friend told me that it will trun dark green if you expose your bbag in sun a lot.
  15. ^ wow.. and I thought black was the best one to get to avoid fading..