anyone have a 2003 F/W caramel??

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  1. I was looking at atelier naff's color swatches and I have to say I'm intrigued by the "D" tag caramel color! In the swatches pic it looks like taupe.
    I dont think I've seen this color, ever, so I'd appreciate any pics...

    Thanks girls! :smile:

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  2. Oh you're right danae :wtf: ... I've had a '03 caramel city (sold) and I still have the pics ...


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  3. ^^OMG...:drool::drool::drool::heart: It must have been hard to part with... But your current collection is TDF anyway!
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The bag is gorgeous
    I wish she could be mine
  5. OMG Firstclass, your ex- caramel is amazing! Look at that leather!!!
    But actually I'm talking about the caramel from the next season.... Anyone have that? A caramel from f/w 2003??? Please please please post pics! Thanks!
  6. OMG :wtf: I'm sorry I misunterstood your question danae :shame::nogood:
  7. It's ok, firstclass! :biggrin: Any excuse to drool over that caramel bag! ;)
  8. Maybe Mimz or LP know something about the second, less known 03 caramel..? Ladies?... Help!
  9. Here it is in the flat hobo style.......
    I can't rave about the older messengers and hobos enough... I feel all of the older bags are the best - but y'all already know that! There's just nothing like them :love:
    The '03 caramel is a fabulous "color" - so soft and neutral. The caramel tone really brings out the variation and natural beauty of the "older" leather....

    Some photos..... :smile:

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  10. OMG Mimz! Thanks for the lovely pics
    Is there any older color that you don't have? haha! Seriously, you should post pics of your collection, you'll give me a heart attack! :shocked:
    I'm in love with 03 bags, but you know how difficult they are to find...! I've promised myself that from now on I'll only buy older bags, they are just so perfect! :heart:
  11. :shame: There are a ton of colors I don't have :lol:
    Thanks though! It is definitely a personal opinion, but I think that is a great decision! I really feel that nothing will ever compare to the older bags - they just feel so "one of a kind" - and really are works of wearable art (IMO).
  12. Well you know I agree with you! It's nice to have you back to posting, Mimz, we missed you around here! ;) Oh and congrats on the new avatar!
  13. :love:

  14. Totally agree with danae :yes::tup: ... welcome back dear Mimi :heart::love:
  15. OMG ... it's BREATHTAKING :drool::tup: ! I totally agree with you Mimi - I love and prefer the older leathers too :yes:
    Thank you for posting those fantastic pics ..