anyone have a 10/11 yr old???

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  1. My oldest son is almost 11. He came home from his best friend's house this morning telling me about this "air gun" thing he has and how cool it is. He asked if he could buy one with his own money. I said I wasn't sure because I had no clue what this thing is. I assumed it wasn't anything too bad because I know this child's mother and wouldn't expect her to buy her son something that was dangerous.

    Anyway, we were out today and near the store that sold these things (not a toy store...more of a hunting, camping, fishing type of store). I saw the "gun" he was talking about and immediately read "not intended for those under 16". I asked a guy in the store about it and he said they can be dangerous and could even harm a small animal etc. I told my son that I couldn't allow him to buy something like that. He was bummed and sulked a little. I felt awful because he is a great kid and never asks for anything.

    Now my dilemma. Should I call this kid's mother and tell her that I don't want my son playing with this thing at her house? My son's father thinks I should call and tell her that. I feel like maybe I am being neurotic but I am also wondering if she even knows how dangerous it is? (The gun has little pellets.....and could poke your eye out with that thing!)

    So many of his friends have things that I don't allow...or they are allowed to go do things I don't feel comfortable with yet. Thing is, my son is a great responsible kid. This age (10) is very hard - he isn't a baby anymore and he isn't a big guy yet. So inbetween. Anyone else have a kid this age and finding it difficult?
  2. I think there can be things you do not allow ie a certain video game but those can not hurt someone. I believe that air gun is dangerous and I wouldn't allow my son to play with it. That is just my honest opinion.
    I really am against ATV's for young teens and kids. I think with all the bad things that have been happening on them its just not worth it. Yet I see parent after parent buying them.

    I'd call her. Good Luck
  3. Hi. I don't have a 10/11 year old boy but I am an elementary school teacher who has dealt with these air/pop guns before. About a year ago I witnessed a junior high school boy on our elementary school campus firing one of these guns at a tree attempting to shoot a bird. This boy was on campus with his mom who was picking up his younger sister from our after-school program. The mother was inside a classroom and this junior high boy was just outside by himself shooting this thing. The family ended up leaving after I spoke with the mother, who seemed unconcerned. I called the principal who called the police. He ended up being pulled out of schoo the next day and the police were treating this as an actual weapon. These "toys" are truly dangerous. This particular gun looked so real that we thought it was a real gun. My husband saw this kid load and fire this gun so quickly that he said he looked like Jack Bauer from 24 because he was so comfortable in firing it. After this incident I googled these air guns/pop guns and learned that they are dangerous. I would definitely not let my child use one.

    I would call the mother. There will be times that we don't agree with other parents' decisions but I think it is very important to stick to your own thoughts and beliefs.
  4. Thanks for your replies. Only confirms my decision to call his mother and makes me feel better about my decision not to let my son buy one.
  5. the mom!never hesitate when it comes to your kids safety!...even if we look overprotective!
  6. My brother is 16 and he recently purchased one of these airsoft guns. They do look really dangerous. He purchased it in secret, and when my mom found out, she gave him hell for weeks. I definitely would not allow my 11 year old to have one.
  7. If you are uncomfortable you should call.
    It doesn't have to be awkward-- you could just tell her that he wanted one and you and your husband have decided to wait until he is older and you don't want to send a mixed message about letting him play with it at his friend's house but not his own.
    I think you can avoid a good mom/bad mom thing by not speaking about her decision to let her son play with one.
    If she asked you why or anything, you could explain the age or danger concern to her.
    I think it's sweet for you to be concerned about your son being upset... I guess that's what moms do though.:heart:
  8. just out of GP I would call and telll her.. My sisters, cousins daughter (oh confusing, we have different fathers)who is 12 was shot and killed when her 14 year old cousin and another relative were playing with a gun and shot her in the face and killed her, if I am not mistaken I think it was a shotgun but I am still not clear...
    "Glen" who is named after her father was with her father at his family reunion and went upstairs to play on a computer and just like that this childs life is gone...
    I know this is a toy gun here, but this encourages kids (IMO) curiosity on guns, if they think they can handle a play gun, they would be more inclined to test the waters of a real gun.. you never know what others have in their house and what their kids are exposed to.. gun play of any kind to me- is so not appropiate
  9. I have an 11 year old and I know that it's a hard age. Too old to be really babied but too young to be considered a teen -

    I would say yes, talk to the mother. I would - if it bothered me that much and it would - I would just mention to her that I didn't feel comfortable with my son playing with that type of "toy" -

    Don't feel awful for not buying that for your son. You are looking out for HIS best interests. And most of the time, kids move onto something else really quick. My son wanted some type of toy gun and I wouldn't get it for him. We went back and forth on why and finally we got something that we both agreed on. He was happy and walked away like he "got something" and I was happy with the fact that he had a safer toy :smile:
  10. ^^ thank you.

    Sometimes I second guess myself if I am too overly protective. It always seems as though other mothers allow things I don't. I hate hate HATE guns. My mother in law bought them very real looking toy guns a few years ago and I threw them in the trash. I was horrified. Anyway, nice to hear all your opinions on this subject. I am going to give her a call.