Anyone have $8,000 laying around?

  1. I prefer the white and black limited ed mink bags that came out last winter, gorgeous !
  2. Someone need to release that thing back in the jungle!
  3. I think it looks amazing with those LV ensembles.
  4. ^Yeah, maybe it's the up close pics that aren't doing it justice. Kind of like a Seurat painting!
  5. no...:weird:
  6. the close ups are bad, they make the bag look like a stuffed animal.
    But on the models? Drool.
  7. That bag scares me
  8. Agree!!!:love:
  9. The bag kind of looks like the fuzzy covered handcuffs you see in "adult" stores. Yuck.
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I posted before I read your comment.
  11. I actually have no desire to own that bag...

    A birkin would be my choice instead!
  12. ^ Megs, I Agree....Birkin All The Way!