Anyone have 3-zip in Gray Croco?

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  1. #1 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
  2. I personally love RM croc leather. Looks real and it's pretty sturdy. The grey is gorgeous!!
  3. #3 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
    Thanks! I was just comparing the gray leather on Endless to the gray croco... I get confused between the 3-zip and 5-zip. they look the same to me except the 5 zip has the studs on the bottom...? Oh, what to do... nothing like waiting to last second! :smile:

    Is the Bloomie one actually the what Endless calls the 5-zip?

    And are the 3-zips the Rockers?

    I think if I get the MAC in black leather, it would be nice to have this 'Zip' in croco... just typing out loud now! LOL! Thanks again Baghag.
  4. I normally like RM's embossed leathers but I have to give :tdown: to this batch of croc leather. On the black croc, I noticed that there are areas where there are large 'gaps' between the embossed area of the leather, and the leather in the 'gaps' looks like raw leather.

    The 'gaps' for the wine Croc are less noticeable but I noticed that in areas where the leather has been folded (e.g. the piping), it looks like I can actually peel off the embossed part of the leather. It's a very nice color though.

    I haven't seen the gray croc though so it could be different.
  5. The 3-zip in Bloomie should be the same as the 5-zip in Endless. Both should have the 'feet' on the bottom.
  6. Thanks guys. I couldn't decide, so didn't order the gray croco from Bloomies... Figured I'd wait til I was sure sure... I still don't have a MAC (think I want black - but haven't decided if I want gold/brass or silver hw). But I do want something in gray for the fall - just not sure if I shouuld do a gray MAC or perhaps the regular leather gray in the 5zip.
    Thanks again - love this forum!! Everyone is so very helpful and I so appreciate all your input and fabulous advice!! :smile: