Anyone have 2 wedding bands?

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Sorry if this is a repeat thread but I couldn't find anything on it! I know there is the engagement ring thread but there aren't a lot of wedding band pictures in it. I was wondering if anyone has 2 wedding bands sandwiching their engagement ring. I love the look and am trying to decide for myself if I want 1 or 2 wedding bands. I was wondering if anyone had pictures to post!

    Thanks! :yahoo:
  2. ^ I was actually debating this same thing just a few days ago. I will be getting two yellow diamond wedding bands in yellow gold to go with my platinum diamond band e-ring. I really love the sandwich look. Good Luck.
  3. trustlove i'm the opposite of you! i have 2 white diamond w-bands sandwiching my yeallow diamond e-ring!
  4. I have the platinum Tiffany etoile band (wedding ring) then my engagement ring and on the other side I have the 18kt yellow gold Tiffany etoile band.
  5. Me! Have an e-ring (brilliant center stone with 2 baguettes, simple deco-style) with 2 vintage dia bands, alternating tiny rounds and marquise. Love it!
  6. Everyone's rings sound gorgeous. DO you ladies mind posting pics
  7. i do! one is my wedding band and another is my 30th bday present from hubs. i wear them like this because if i sandwich my ering, there's spacing issue.

  8. nancypants your set is GORGEOUS! i'm looking for another band to stack with my wedding set too.. but i'm kinda wishing for something a little different from my original wedding band.. but i like how your wedding bangs look balanced with your e-ring... if that makes any sense?!.. do you mind telling me what the ct. weight of your e-ring is.. and do you know by any chance what the mm width your bands are??
  9. yup. this is how i wear my ring(s) everyday. to be honest, i love the look of different rings (especially stackables), as i have never been a fan of traditional wedding "sets."


    sorry for the poor lighting—it was taken in my bathroom. lol
  10. i am hoping/planning on getting an identical wedding band to 'sandwich' my ering. i'm thinking the new band could be for a special occassion, anniversary, etc. i love the idea. really, can you go wrong with more diamonds? i think not! :smile:
  11. Wow....what a gorgeous ring that you have here! Are your wedding bands shared setting? Will the diamonds rub against each other??

  12. I also wear two different bands.

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  13. Gorgeous ring sets everyone! Keep the pictures coming, it's giving me and probably many others lots of ideas!
  14. *bump
  15. I have 2 wedding bands, but I don't wear them "sandwiched". I like to think of one ring as my wedding band and one as my baby band. Love the stacked look. :smile: