Anyone hate their store?

  1. I NEED to start going to one of the other stores by my house.

    I have had it with my main one. The reason I keep going back is b/c it's in the biggest and nicest if I wanna shop at Macy's, Bebe etc. same day it's all right there.

    The customer service is so bad.

    Today it was DEAD. 3 people in the store including me and out of 5 SA, only 1 was helping people. I was in the store for over 10 minutes and no one even said hello to me. When that one SA that had been helping someone else rang them up, then HE came over to me. The other idiots still were gossiping and doing nothing. If it weren't for him, I was about to go buy the bag at Macy's.

    Then, when he tried to ring me up, I wasn't in the system!!

    I didn't know how that was possible, being as I last bought something mid-Decemeber and was in it then. So he put me back in, but I think one of the *****y girls there deleted me after I complained that they shipped me a damaged wallet from another store.

    If I didn't go today, I probably would get no PCE card next time b/c my name was gone.

    Sorry for my rant. I just can't believe how rude they are.
  2. I personally don't like the Coach stores that are inside certain malls because they are always full of people who are running around crazy and the SA's really have their hands full. My store is in a much quieter shopping location and the SA's are very welcoming and kind, and always have time for me along with everyone else that comes into the store. So I would say just find one with the right environment for you. And it's hard when it involves going there and then going to the mall, but I have to do the same thing so I can commiserate. It isn't that bad :tup: and it is DEFINITELY worth it!!!!!
  3. Thanks. Maybe I will take your advice. Is yours in like an outdoor center? About 5 miles from me in the opposite direction of the malls, we have an outdoor "promenade" which is about 40 upscale stores (Coach included) and a few places to eat. Maybe I will try shopping there.
  4. I have a coach store that I just refuse to go to.. they are very rude and treat people like crap in there so I drive a little bit further and go to the other one by my house.. grr I hate that store.
  5. Yea... I say try another. There is one store near me that the SAs always look at me bitc*y. I avoid that mall whenever possible.
  6. That is exactly the type of place my store is at. And stopping there before I go to other malls that have my other favorite stores is TOTALLY worth it.
  7. i'm sorry to hear how crappy the service is at your coach ~ it shouldn't be like that!!! which mall is it in? im in jersey too, & have found that the coach store in ocean county mall & freehold mall have excellent SA's. the one by me (ocean county) isn't the best mall by any means, but the SA's in the coach are soo nice & remember me even though i haven't bought anything in a while. one SA who i didn't even recognize asked me yesterday if i ended up getting the camel ergo tote that i was looking at- from the summer! that's good service, lol. HOW did she remember that.

    anyhoo... i wish we had outlets in nj. the one in Atlantic City could be better as far as products go, but the service was good there the few times i went.
    ooh another one i thought of by me is sort of in seagurt, and it's its own store, like in an outlet-looking setup but not outlets, just a chain of stores. this probably doesn't help if you don't live by me, lol. at least there's lots of malls in nj so you can usually find one not that far away if yours is crumby. good luck!!! :smile:
  8. I really feel lucky to have my Coach Store. It is located in an "upscale" mall. The SA's in there are always welcoming to me. The managers are great as well. Don't get me wrong, there are always a couple of b**chy ones but ususally they don't last long.

    I would talk to a manager and if that didn't work I'd get their manager. It's not okay that you had that experience. Someone should know why your not coming back. That just p****s me off!:cursing:
  9. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE Freehold mall and do go there at times. I am renting a house in Belmar this summer, so I will make Freehold my summer shop lol.

    But my "store" ever since I moved to my new town has been the one in Cherry Hill Mall. But after this thread, I am totally switching to the one in Marlton promenade and hoping for the best.

    I am not a fan of AC outlet either...I feel like they fill with it all the stuff no one wants. But I DO like the Coach in the new Caser's mall in AC. The people have been nice to me there the two times I went so far.

    I miss living in North Jersey. My stores there were Short Hills, Willowbrook and GARDEN STATE(that store is the mothership of Coach ever since the renovation--I got to go there New Year's Eve during the day and was so happy).
  10. Yeah, if your store was Short Hills, any Coach in NJ is going to be crap in comparison. You described the AC outlet perfectly, lol. I wish we had more outlets here!!!! A summer house in Belmar + Freehold mall sounds great, haha. Beach, summer house, AND Coach shopping at Freehold?!?! It's a great mall & the Coach store is really nice there. Sounds like a great summer to me! :tup:
  11. I always go to the Coach store in a "promenade" type shopping center. It's a pretty new store. The SA's are always nice and even when it's busy, they make sure to say hello to me and make sure that I get what I need in a timely fashion. I love my store!
  12. I know what you mean. Part of the reason why you pay more for Coach is so that you can get excellent service as part of shopping at a luxury store. I was always not into shopping at the Burlington Mall Coach because I always got snobby treatment but I went there yesterday and the girls who were there were really nice and helpful. I usually go to the NS mall and the SA's there are very nice except once when I went there a few weeks ago as a customer who should be valued, as I spent over $1000 (even if I spent $10 or $0 I should be valued then too) on Coach in the past year was very rude to me. I had never seen her before so I assumed she was a transfer from the Burlington mall lol ! Anyway, maybe it is who is working when and not the store as a whole. If you had a bad experience then maybe try another store or different time of day : )
  13. My favorite here in TX is in a shopping center like this. But it's a smaller store. My second favorite is in a big mall and is a big store but it's a bit of a drive for me.
  14. My Coach store is in Freehold Mall too! The SA's there are terrific - especially Jamie and MarieElena. That mall is my "home away from home"! Nordstroms, Coach, Abercrombie and PacSun for my daughter, Disney Store and KB Toys for my son!
  15. The Coach at one mall I go to is always crowded, the Coach at another mall is quieter but smaller and the SAs are nice, but rather clueless.