anyone has uterine fibroids?

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  1. have you tried alternative methods? if so, pls come and share your experiences. tks
  2. So sorry....
    I really don't have any advise for you... My Mom had them and practically let herself
    bleed to death before she FINALLY had a hysterectomy...
    Once she had the surgery she said she cannot believe she fought it for so long... She felt great afterwards.

    Of course, she was past childbearing age also..... They did NOT remove her ovaries so she did not go through menopause then either..

    Good luck to you ..I wish I had more help...
  3. tks for your reply...i thought there would've been more ppl to share their experiences, i just turned 28 and don't really want to believe surgery is the only option, so i am hoping that alternative methods will help me to avoid surgery
  4. I had a myomectomy (surgical removal of fibroids only) about 10 years ago. I had 4 removed that were each the size of grapefruits. I had to go on lupron shots for about 3 months prior to the surgery. Lupron puts the body in a state of menopause and the fibroids shrink some. I have a few now, but they are very small and haven't had any problems with them. There are other alternatives avaible now (like some kind of embolization, where they cut off the blood supply to them). I recommend doing a lot of research and asking a lot of questions to ensure that the procedure does not interfere with fertility.
  5. I just had my OB checkup this week, and my doctor told me she found a lump inside of herself and discovered it was a fibroid. She said it seems to be shrinking on its own, so maybe they sometimes just shrink?
  6. unless you go through menopause, otherwise it's unlikely to shrink becuase these are caused by estrogen, which at my level, without interference would not be on a decline.
  7. yeah i am trying to do a lot of research, unfortunately my gynocologist offers absoutely not alternative, she tells me that there's nothing that can be done about it, either surgery , in which case i should have because one of my fibroid is larger than my uterus, but it's slightly complicated becuase i have another one that is inside the lining, anyhow, i'm stil keeing my hopes up that i can beat this thing w/o surgery...fingers crossed!

  8. I say get at least one second opinion. My doctor very well might be at menopause so it could be that. I don't know. But she didn't seem too concerned about it.
  9. I'm 33 now but had a walnut-sized fibroid discovered during a routine GYN visit about 10 years ago. I was told it *might* affect my fertility but it was better to leave it alone than to risk uterine scarring via surgical removal. When I got pregnant in 2002 (and yes, I did have fertility trouble but received help from a fertility doc), it grew to the size of a canteloupe due to the increased blood supply and pregnancy hormones. My pregnancy was then labeled as a high-risk pregnancy and I was on modified bed rest for 8 months. I had my son via planned C-section, and 3 months later, had a myomectomy to remove the fibroid since it was degenerating (rotting, basically) and causing me pain and awful discharge.

    During the above pregnancy, a second, smaller fibroid developed. Then mysteriously, it shrank and disappeared either during the pregnancy or soon afterwards because the surgeon couldn't find it during the myomectomy. It's unclear why it shrank and went away, but occasionally, fibroids will do that.

    I did not try any alternative treatments to shrink my fibroids, so sorry I don't have any advice to offer you on that. If any potentially effective alt treatments had been available at the time, you can bet I would've tried them, but I don't remember there being any back then. Maybe there are now though....?
  10. I'm bumping this for more information please.
  11. Bumping an old thread because now I'm in this boat.
  12. I know someone in the same boat and the only remedy she was given was surgery. Sorry I could not help further.
  13. My mom had trouble with it for several years when she was in her late 40s. Her doctor tried medication to shrink it but it wasn't working so she finally ended up having a hysterectomy. Hers grew the size of grapefruit and wouldn't shrink. She was told however, that if she just had a surgery to remove the fibroid itself, it may return and she didn't want to deal with it anymore. Sorry, I can't offer better advice than that. Try to seek a second opinion if you are trying to preserve your fertility. There is got to be something else they can do?
  14. Well I'm 36 and I would like to preserve my fertility for now so surgery will probably be the next option. I'm suffering quite a bit from the side effect of heavy bleeding due to the fibroids (yes I have more than one), which is what's really killing me.
  15. I'm so sorry, my mom went through very heavy bleeding issues as well and it was extremely stressful time for her. I truly feel for you:hugs:
    Have you tried "alternative" options? I always had issues with ovarian cysts and endometriosis and acupunture helped me. I don't know if that would work for fibroids but perhaps you should look into it?