Anyone has Turquoise 2005 City?

  1. ladies, anyone wants to sell their 2005 turquoise city?:love:
  2. On eBay right now there's a beauty in turquoise. Item number 6854980266[​IMG]
    It starts at just above retail though. you probably already have checked eBay but just in case you haven't.....
  3. Oh, I just noticed that you want the 2005 one, on abay it's the 2004. Sorry about that..

    Oh, all the subtle nuances! <g>
  4. I believe hellooholly might have one from reading through the posts. :amuse:
  5. you and me both!!!! but im after a first!!! good luck with your search! :amuse:
  6. Thanks!!! :biggrin:
  7. my auction, LOL :love:

    I received an email coming from a member of this forum (she said she was from purse forum) and decided to check it out - seems verrryyy I joined, hope you don't mind ladies:love: :suspiciou
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