Anyone has this tote? Reviews, pls?

  1. I fell in love with this tote and I found it on Elux for $1175 and its called N/S quilted tote. However, upon joining this forum, I found it on and its called E/W tote. Erm, what exactly is the name of this tote?! :s


    Also, does anyone here have this tote? Can I get some reviews on it? Is it patent quilted leather or is it just normal quilted leather? How roomy is it? I've been looking for a tote for some time and this seems to be a good size for me to stash all my stuff into for a quick weekend getaway.

    I know this is on sale on but I was also wondering if anyone has spotted this in the outlets by chance? I'm eager to make this my very first designer bag but I'm a little tight at the moment. Btw, sorry for the 1001 questions. TIA!
  2. I would think it should be called the N/S tote, because the height is longer than the width. I don't think this bag is in outlets yet, it probably sold out before it could go there, or it may be too recent since it's a fall 06 style. One of our members, Jill, owns(ed) this bag, hopefully she'll come along and give a review. From what I remember, she really adored this bag!
  3. Thanks for your input, thithi. I tried looking for the tote in stores but I couldn't find any thats why I want to get someone's review on this. I believe this is a S/S 06 style, no? Anyway, I'll wait for Jill to give her feedback on this.
  4. In S/S 2006, this style was made in patent (goat) leather; it's called TOTE. Moss (green) was the color that went on sale first.
    Style Name: TOTE
    Style Number: C361046
    Measurments: 18.5 x 4.5 x 13"
    Price: $1175USD
    Colors: Black, Chalk, Cola, Blush, Moss

    In F/W 2006, this style was made in non-patent (calf) leather, it's called N/S Tote.
    Style Name: N/S TOTE
    Style Number: C362117
    Price: $1175USD
    Colors: Black, Whiskey, Cashew, Mouse, Emerald, Graphite

    If you are looking for Black, thepursestore's price is very good already.

  5. Thank you, Helena! Now I just need to wait for Jill to give her review on the bag. You babes are AWESOME!
  6. ^ You can also perform a search on this bag, there are many discussions last year.
  7. Thanks, Helena. I saw that bag in NM today but I still prefer the other one because I'm not quite a fan of chain for straps.
  8. ^ PM Baghound, TLN, or Jill for feedbacks on the tote. =)
  9. I did a search as you suggested and I PMed sngo and Jill earlier but I just PMed Baghound and TLN as well. :smile: I hope they don't think I'm a stalker! :shame:
  10. No! :smile: I wouldn't think that! I sent you some thoughts. I wanted to also say that I saw a lady at Target carrying the Moss sometime last summer, and that one is beautiful, as well! I really recommend the tote, btw!
  11. Thanks for your response, tln!
  12. the problem is that ioffer has fakes of this purse
  13. iOffer is mostly fakes IMO
  14. I'm sorry but what do you mean? :s