Anyone has this cles

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  1. I would love one - does anyone know what they retail for?? I like the bigger one !!
    0813823e.jpg f090745b.jpg cd3f0c21.jpg orangeclessss.jpg
  2. Oh cute, I haven't seen any prices on those yet. Sorry!
  3. Are those authentic? I didn't think they were out yet. I was just at LV yesterday and got on the waiting list for the speedy.
  4. :huh:h i saw those in the lookbook...i think they are around 240-60CDNish if i remember correctly...
  5. cute!!! Anyone have a good pic of the speedy?
  6. yes I believe they are authentic .. a seller on ebay send me the pics after I enquired about her auction ,she was selling an authentic pepermint wallet .. she send them to me to see if I would be interested as she was putting them up for sale.
  7. i like orange!!!!!
    is there a speedy that will match??
    or any other bag they will make to match??
  8. there's a whole line of bags made to match...a speedy.....a hobo/crescent-ish bag.....a pochette.......and more....
  9. very interesting yet unique!
  10. Different!
  11. Oh yes - and it comes in pink, green or orange! Yummy! I'm on the waitlist for the pink.
  12. ANY idea where we can see pics on-line somewhere? I'm DYING to see the speedy30!!!!
  13. 866-Vuitton says they're updating their site soon. The official launch date is supposed to be 2/20 (just a few more days). The speedy is great looking IMO. I believe it was listed at $1190.

    I couldn't find pictures on line. If you have access you can go into a store and look at their lookbook. But I'm sure it's just a couple days before they update the site.
  14. Thanks!! I also searched on line for ages today...could not find any either. I will keep it together until they update thier website! :amazed:
  15. Oh my god.. got to hang onto my wallet !!