Anyone has this Be&D bag? Do we like it?

  1. It looks nice in the pic but I have never seen it in person. Do we like it or LOVE it?

  2. I have a deerskin black woven bag by Be & D, the leather and style is beautiful! As for the colors of the bag, I think it really depends on the person's style! For me, I wear alot of funky styled dark colored clothes so, the bag colors are not me.
  3. I need to see it irl. I like it in the pic too.
  4. That is beautiful.
  5. not for me
  6. I have the gold one and its wow...!!! this looks nice but i dont like the color.. would love to see it in black
  7. Wow I really like this one! Not usually a huge fan of Be&D but this one is hot! :yes::biggrin:
  8. Really really really nice IRL. and the $$$ is normally higher than the usual cost of BE & D... but that's because all that leather is really woven as pursemama said earlier.

    I love those colors woven on the bag.
  9. I'm a Be&D owner (Crawford Cruise in black) I think these guys make absolutely gorgeous bags with the finest materials - the leather has to be felt to be appreciated - This one is a stunner!!!
  10. Thanks... Do you think woven leather is hard to take care? especially the lighter color. Also how would you compare this bag with Bottega's woven hobo?:smile: