Anyone has this bag?

  1. I probably missed it because I didn't see it on Coach site or in the store. Anyone has it? (photos r from Taiwan Yahoo) I wish it comes with white leather one!


  2. maybe this is an exclusive item in Taiwan?
  3. Actually I *think* I may have seen those at 1 of the 4 Coach stores in my area here. Call the 1-888 number and see if they can locate it for you. :yes:
  4. the pictures don't appear to be working..
  5. don't see pics...
  6. Ah I can't see pics either..
  7. It looks like the old Field bags, but it looks like an ali or a hippie. very cute! I have never seen it in the US, but would love to, I would love one in black!
  8. I can't see the pics :\
  9. Ok, let me attach files...also add the black color. Can you guys see the pics now?
    st-452209-3.jpg st-452209-4.jpg st-495801-3.jpg st-495801-4.jpg
  10. I was wondering if Coach made a little bag with a long strap. I love that black one! I wish I had some info for you, sorry. Hopefully one of our experts here will. I'm still a newbie!
  11. i've never seen that! it's cute!
  12. I am *almost* positive those are the same bags that were in the store by me. They are very cute in person!! They also had leather versions. Not sure if you want this bag, but if you know the style number call them and ask if they have it. They were in the store draped cross-body on a mannequin. It was one of the following 2 stores (these 2 run together for me and I can never remember which had what): :blush:

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif][SIZE=-1]WILLOWBROOK
    HOUSTON , TX 77070
    (281) 890-2233
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif][SIZE=-1]WOODLANDS MALL
    1201 LAKE WOODLAND #1134
    SPRING , TX 77380

  13. That's very cute! Good luck on your search!!
  14. They are really cute.
  15. This bag is called the Cricket. It did come in Khaki White but we sold out in our store (Singapore) abt a mth back. I think this might only be available in the international/asian markets.