anyone has the smaller ni compagnon?

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  1. soooo greedy for a compagnon, and I've seen some beautiful pictures of the larger, clutch sized one. Does anyone have a the smaller one (I believe it's the ni compagnon). Can you post pictures of what it looks like opened, with all of the compartments? How many credit cards does it hold. Coins? Cash? THANK YOU! :biggrin:
  2. ^ I think it's supposed to be the "mini compagnon" - since that's what they call all their small versions - but I think there was a typo somewhere along the way, and "ni compagnon" keeps showing up now, like they decided to just stick with it. It's cute. ;)

    (Um sorry, no useful info about the wallet itself...)
  3. haha. that IS cute! nice piece of info to know about.

    still would like to know what it looks like. i assume it has the zipper all around but have no idea how much stuff it can hold....anyone?
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