Anyone has the Queen hobo already?

  1. I am liking the beige/ebony Queen hobo from the Gucci website. And the medium size I think is perfect for me. I called the Chicago store and the SA is holding it for me to grab tomorrow. Now after reading the forum, I am not sure if he said he has the large or the medium one.. I hope he has the medium one.

    Anyone already has the Queen hobo? Large or Medium? How do you liking it? I have a large Pelham but a bit irritated with the braided handle. Cant seem to keep them stay on my shoulder.
  2. Never mind. I got my Queen hobo already. Apparently the "large" size is the flap bag but its a top handle vs a shoulder bag.

    I was in between the black leather w/ gold bow and the beige ebony GG w/ gold bow and finally picked the GG pattern. Somehow I like the color combination better.
  3. congrats on getting the queen hobo! its a nice bag.. model for us please...
  4. Congrats! Caon't wait to see pics.
  5. I luuurrrvvveee the queen - so gorgeous. Yes post a pic!!
  6. pics anyone?