Anyone has the Monogram Shine Mini wallet?

  1. Very cute! I think its along the same lines and this
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] just different material, I have the above wallet in black mc.
  2. Thanks! Do you really use it or is it too small?! :confused1:
  3. Michelle has the handbag, this line was super expensive when it came out!
  4. I dunno, I like the size/shape of that wallet, esp. the D ring on the outside, but i'm not really diggin' monogram shine, looks a little too much like mini on speed or something, but that's just me! if you like it, go for it!
  5. its nice when you're carrying a pochette or small hand bag.
    I bought mine because i have mini hl (speedy) not much fits in those.
  6. I think you'll use it as you said when you go out, but maybe not for every day.
    I use my small wallets in my recital and pochette when I'm going out. Works great and leaves room for other stuff!
    So pretty in the shine!:love:
  7. thanks guys, I think I might go for it. Wish me good luck :angel:

    I love the d-ring on the outside and just need it for 2 cards and a bit of cash when I'm out at night :wlae:

    Hope it stays in a price region that's ok for me. You don't see them round much :sad: Love the bag too, but that's like WAY OVER my budget right :lol:

    btw: has anyone ever seen a fake monogram shine? :confused1:
  8. different...not sure...might be a little small