Anyone has the mini Manor bag?

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  1. My first burberry is the mini Manor. Wondering if anyone else has the same bag? I find the regular Manor too big/heavy for me, and the mini Manor is perfect! :p
  2. I don't have it but it is gorgeous. You should model it for us!!
  3. that's so cute! yes, please model it for us... i want to know how "mini" it is :smile:
  4. Cute!!
  5. That bag is soo cute!! I don't have it but now I want!
  6. that is such a cute bag. i was playing with it a couple weeks ago at the scottsdale store. congrats!!!:yahoo:
  7. Congratulations, very nice bag
  8. Very pretty!
  9. I love Burberry's manor bags! I had the same problem too, i'm 5'2 and the regular manor bags just looked too big on me. I was browsing the burberry site and just found out that there are the minis. I want one in the signature pattern, but for some reason the dimensions listed on the site are smaller than the dimensions for the other strange :confused1: what are the dimensions on your bag?
  10. I just did a quick measurement, its 9.5 inches across, about 7 inches tall (excluding the handles) and 3 inches wide :p