Anyone has the medium classic flap in Navy caviar leather?

  1. How do you like it? How does it compare to other colors, especially black? Is it $1995 now? Any information is highly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Don't have one, but that's one of my DREAM Chanels.
    LOVE BLUE!!!
  3. I saw one a while back, and considered purchasing it, but IMHO, the navy caviar was too close to the black medium flap I have to justify its purchase... they looked quite similar. :smile: Sorry, I don't know about the price, I'm sure it would be $1995 now, when I looked at it a while back, it was $1595 (pre price increase).
  4. i've seen this colour IRL, and it is stunning! Its very very dark, under "low" levels of lighting it looks black, but in direct sunlight the navy really pops! If you don't have a black classic flap then i'd say go for it, it really IS a beautiful colour!
  5. Thanks for all your inputs. I just ordered a new Navy caviar classic flap today. I don't have the classic flap in black and want to try something that is close but different. I ordered it without seeing it IRL so I was very nervous.. wonder if I made the right choice... I was tossing between a couple of colors.. white, red... they are all beautiful. Will post pictures when I get it next week. This is my SIXTH Chanel bag since I discovered this forum in late March! From 0-6 in less two months! OMG
  6. who has the navy? i mean what stores? i've never seen it...
  7. navy ? :nuts: i love navy post lots of pics when you get :heart: where did you find the navy ? :smile:
  8. lol wowza, 0-6 in less than 2 months? baobaobeibei you've done well! :graucho:
    the navy is really, really gorgeous, you won't regret it! i very nearly bought a navy medium classic flap a few months back but decided to get a brown mademoiselle flap instead. sometimes i wish i bought the navy instead :sweatdrop:
    please post pics when you get it, i can't wait to see it!