Anyone has the measurement for Portobello bag?

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  1. I'm on vacation in Honolulu and just ordered the Portobello bag--2 in 1 bag with the flap top and not the zipped top. There was some delay in getting the bag transferred to here from California so it's coming on Monday but it's cutting close to our flight departure time. Does anyone have the dimension of the bag, width, height, depth as I may have to ship it back? I live in Canada so if Chanel ships it they will have to charge me the Canadian taxes of 13% plus I'll have to pay custom duty. I'm trying to take advantage of Hawaii's lower tax of 4.17%
  2. 14 x 10 x 4 for my 08A black / white tweed top. What color did you get? Can't wait to see!
  3. Thanks so much! I'm getting the black outside and beige inside. SA checked the system and they were all sold out of other color combination (spring '10) and only 2 of the black/beige are left in US as of last Wednesday. Can't wait! :biggrin: