Anyone has the Mayfair or seen it in real life?

  1. I'm wondering whether or not you could also wear it cross shoudler.

  2. I have seen it at Nordstrom and I don't believe it can be worn cross body. Just looking at the picture you can see it would be way too short for that model to pull off.
  3. Yeah, I was already thinking so from looking at the pic, but wanted to be sure. TY!
  4. ooh the mayfair, i'd love to own this purse. but i am officially on a purse shopping ban..hehe.
  5. ok, I just called and the one they had is sold :sad: but who knows it pops up on sale elsewhere ...
  6. Call Mary at the Towson, MD location. When I checked 15 mins ago they had both grey and teal. Good luck!!

  7. TY, I'm so excited!
  8. I'd use the mayfair as a clutch if the chain strap can be taken off. I dont think it can be taken off though can it? Anyone have pics of it in real life?
  9. This weekend when I was at the Nordies in Brea with Thundercloud, the SA mentioned they had the Mayfair in the back warehouse; not sure if it was on sale or not though.
  10. The chain can't be removed, but you can still use it as a clutch. net-a-porter styled a mannequin with the mayfair carried this way and i thought it looked hot.

  11. I received my Mayfair in Teal last night and I'm carrying it today. Real cute little bag! For me, its not big enough to be an "everyday" bag for work. I see it more as a "party purse" :p that I can take out to bars, dinner, shopping, etc. (Fyi, the chain cannot be removed and its not long enough to be worn crossbody.)

    The teal color has been represented differently in photos on various websites. Its definitely primarily a shade of green, but not so dark that its emerald (as it appeared in some photos.) There is a very very slight blueish-gray undertone, and I think the stitching is blue. This pic from is pretty accurate. I'll post my own pics later on.

  12. Yay, so cool! Mine's still on its way ... I hope it gets here soon ...
  13. What color did you get?
  14. Grey