Anyone has the Gucci mini bamboo shopper top handles?

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  1. Gucci has been calling my name lately. I'm interested in is very cute shopper with two bamboo handles in the mini size. Anyone has that bag? What do you think of it? I'm planning to use it for nice outings during the day and special occasion. Any reviews would be appreciated. thanks.

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  4. What's already in you collection?

    What has been your thought process so far?

    When and where do you see you wearing the bag?
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  6. I though the pink would go with everything during spring/summer except for red outfits. I have a black Gucci marmont bag. But then I think the black is so classic. I really like them both.
  7. I also have another hot pink mini satchel but it's not designer.
  8. IME:

    I like the bamboo contrast to the black leather (I have a Gucci black BTH but the body is woven like a basket with the bamboo handles) that looks fine in the summer even though it's black.

    That shade of pink is very special. I have the same colour Gucci interlocking. Love it for a 'pop'.

    From what you already have I'd say go for the 'special' pink but only if bright pink is something that's very you anyway. If you're a quieter person and find you never reach for your brighter coloured go for the classic black as the bamboo shopper mini in black you can use all year round anyway.

    Can't wait to see which you end up with, you'll have to let us see when you get it
  9. I have the black one and I chose it (from the limited colours available at the time) because I like the contrast between the black leather and the bamboo.
    The dark pink is quite stunning!
    It's a great little bag - casual but sophisticated too because of the classic bamboo top handles.
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