Tory Burch Anyone has the Gemini Link Tote?

hello there, I got the blue one on Friday at Nordstrom but decided to exchange it today for the gray. I think if it was a navy blue I would have kept it. But the blue was too loud and it wouldbe hard to match. The gray is really pretty. The handles feel pretty sturdy and they do not look cgeap at all. The canvas look very durable. I spilled water all over it on my first day using it and I simply got some tissues and wiped it.
iIt is very roomy. There is a good size pocket on one of the sides and it will certainly de handy. Nordstrom does not give dustbags with non-leather Tory Burch items, so keep that in mindif you buy from them.

No feet and no pouches. Very very light. I am very happy with it!!
I just purchased gemini link tote for this crappy winter weather. While i was there i was torn between perry and gemini link but decided to go with the latter. I will wait for perry till the summer/fall of 2017 . I am an impulsive buyer so i ordered perry in bark. But then i realized i have that color in robinson and quickly called and cancelled the order. Later during the day, i went to tory burch location and saw a nice oak color but it did not have magnetic clasp like the gemini link. I also feared i wont be able to maintain it but the sales associate was like " there are leather cleaners that you can use". i will wait another week if tory burch has christmas or ny promotions here in canada else i will wait till more colors come out in the 2017. I hope perry isnt discontinued by summer 2017.
IMG_7613.jpg IMG_7615.jpg
Personally, I love them. Easy to clean, cool pattern, and some if not most of the colors can be paired with favorite NCAA teams. Think Bama, FL, etc. Go to TB boutique and you will see what I am talking about.
Does anyone one have this in the new ivory color? i'm thinking about ordering and wanted to see a real life picture of it.

I took a chance and ordered the ivory the other day she should be in today. I am so excited

I don't have any pics of it but I have seen it IRL and it is really nice (perfect summer tote!) :smile: However my favourite is the french gray which I also own and love!