ANyOne has the EVIDENCE sunnies?

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  1. Hello again!

    It has been ages since my last post so I thought I will start a new thread. I recently got myself a pair of the Evidence sunnies in black. Just wondering if anyone out there owns a pair? Can I just say I cant afford LV anymore, it is getting so pricey plus the new stuff is not as good as the past collections (okay you guys are going to hate me for this but I think it's kinda true)

    I like the ideas behind the whole Richard Prince collaboration but I think it's not my scene when they put the designs on the bags. Monogram Pulp and Tisse are also... I will give it a miss. Not to mention the price tags that come along with the bags.:yucky:

    Dont get me wrong I love my graffiti, cherry blossom and trompe L'oeil to bits. I think they are really the creme de la creme (still dont have the courage to use my CB umbrella though LOL) :nogood:
  2. I would love to see the cb umbrella!!

    I have been looking at the evidences and I love them to death! I want a pair but my face is rather wide and I'm not sure how they fit. Up to now I haven't found a pair other than the obsession sunglasses that fit.
    Can you post some pics of ypu wearing them? Did you use the search tool prior to asking your question? You should as you will get slot of results!
  3. I just bought a pair of black Evidence sunglasses about 2 weeks ago and I love them!
    They are really comfortable to wear and I love how the gold looks against the black frames.
  4. im getting mine next week! i love them
  5. Initially I bought the Millionaire sunglasses but too oval/ round for my face... so I opted for EVIDENCE and I love them! However, I must share: I had the Bordeaux color which I bought during summer 2007 and they broke (2 months ago). I went to LV and initially was told this was an anomaly and they could not do anything (neither replace nor return). However because I am such a good customer-- once my fave/personal SA got wind she called LV's corporate offices in US and they allowed me to get a new pair or credit for the store. I opted to get another pair b/c I love the EVIDENCE soo much.

    However no more BORDEAUX so I got the BLACK and I love them. They are my everyday sunglasses. (recently: they got loose and because of my previous incident I took them back ad they tightened the lenses...good as new!)
  6. I've seen the Evidence but didn't buy it.

    I haven't seen the millionaires in like forever.

    but I think some of the Aviation ones look hot. Just right for the boring guy in me.

    but hey, LV looks too "hipish" these days. I really think I'm over the hill when using or browsing LV.
  7. dont own it too.
  8. I have them in black and love them. All my other sunglasses have taken a back seat to them.
  9. I would love to see modelling pics of the sunnies! :nuts:
  10. I have them in both Khaki and Bordeaux - I wish they made them in white!
  11. I had the worst of luck with those sunnies. I canot wear black sunnies, so I have been looking for burgundy. THey were out in Paris, but when I got the the US they actually had a pair! Sadly it was on hold and had been for almost two week (!!!) but when I said I was interested the person who had them on hold picked them up right away!!! I think that was my last chance to get these. :sweatdrop::crybaby:
  12. Liberte, have you given up your quest to look for a pair of burgundy Evidence? I have been trying for almost a year :sad:
  13. ^
    I gave in and got some black ones. LOL I'll just use darker foundation, tan or similar. :shame:
  14. Better than none right? I gave in and went ahead to get the black ones too. I wonder how many pairs were released worldwide. Seems that it didnt get past to Asia Pacific stores.
  15. tired them on today. they were fantastic!!!!