anyone has the Coach legacy leather satchel?

  1. I am really interested in the Legacy Leather Satchel in black, does anyone owns this bag? I haven't seen this bag in the Coach stores that I went to, so if you can provide info on this bag it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. which year? i have the 2006 and i love it - in fact next month i am going to order the black - i have a pond already
    i dont care too much for the model they have now, just doesnt seem as unique as the 2006, if if it a a pain in the ass to get in and out of... :snort:
  3. I have the Whiskey & the Pond from 2006, and I love them both. I prefer the 2006 details over this year's satchel. But having seen the new ones in the stores, they are still very appealing. You should enjoy the black if you decide to buy one!
  4. Right, 2006 has the dogleash that comes over the top zipper, costing $698 and 2007 has a dogleash that's fixed to the front, costing $768. If I couldn't find a new 2006, I would get the 2007.
  5. Yes, that's right. I like the look of the 2006 more than the 2007 but the new bag is more user friendly. The new one doesn't actually have the strap that goes across the top, it is just more for looks on the front of the bag. I would love to find an '06 but I haven't found one just yet. Coach doesn't seem to have any left that I can find. The '07 seems more structured but I still want one. I've got my eyes on a whiskey satchel that I want next month!
  6. Thanks everyone for the quick response! I'm totally w/you guys on the details on the '06, it's a lot more appealing than the '07. It looks more sophisticated to me. But I think I might be annoyed that I have to flip that strap everytime I open and close the bag. It's not very convenient. The '07 is gorgeous too...ahhh decisions decisions!!! Why don't we vote and see which one is more popular? :idea: '06 or '07?? (I guess '06 is an option only if I can find a new one)
  7. The 07 version is really beautiful IRL. It is much more user-friendly than the 06 as others have mentioned and I love the side buckle detail. The only thing I don't care for is that you can't use it as a shoulder bag b/c the straps are way too short (which would really bug me). If you don't mind that, then it's fabulous!! Good luck (and post pics of whatever you end up getting!)
  8. I love my leather satchel... mine is black. I love the way it smells..
    compared to all my other bags, it's the heaviest... I can't carry around too long because it leaves marks on my arm... as mentioned the strap that you have to open everytime is a little annoying.
    but the bag is beautiful!
  9. Actually I spoke to someone and you can order the 2006 still - you just need the # - when I talked to the SA she said they had them in all colors.... I sure hope this is still true - good luck - you will love the bag, the leather is unbeliveable - just beautiful

    Have fun !
  10. I love my 06 satchel but everyone is right it is very heavy but oh so worth it. I love it and it doesn't matter what you pick you will love it.
  11. Here is a link to eBay for a NEW 2006 COACH Legacy Satchel in BLACK! The 2006 retail was $698 and the 2007 retail is $768. Seller is asking $599.99 BIN w/Free Shipping! Or, taking Best Offers. Good Luck if you're interested. :tup:

    (Hope this info doesn't violate tPF rules. I tried to PM, but krazy4bags has this option turned-off.)
  12. You are fine as long as it's not your own auction you're promoting. People recommend auctions all the time in the eBay Deals thread. :tup: