Anyone has the Coach leather XL Flap?

  1. Do you know if this bag has a long strap? It's like a messenger bag but how come the strap is so short! For anyone who has this, do you think the bag is practical for use?

    What colour do you think is best?

    I want to get one, but wondering how come it's so $$$ at 700 USD!!!!!
  2. I don't have this bag, but I have seen it a few times in stores. As far as I'm aware it doesn't come with a longer strap, it's meant to be worn so it fits under the arm.

    I don't think it's all that practical, at least not for my lifestyle. I think it's an odd size for that style of shoulderbag.

    As for the cost, it's a huge bag so it requires a lot of leather. It's expensive because there's a lot to it. :smile:
  3. Yeah, its an amazing looking bag but these prices over the last few seasons have made me think that someone at the company is loosing it :hysteric: I have loved Coach since the 6th grade but their prices now match many of the other luxury brands! That was not the Coach way...okay, I am stepping off my soapbox to say, if you have the funds go for it otherwise, I would pay my rent before buying this bag!!!!
  4. I actually saw this bag on sale for 30% off, available in all 3 colours! That's why I think about getting it! Still expensive for this bag style. I think I would go for it without thinking if it is a satchel style.
  5. I saw this bag at the outlet a while back marked down to $159! I purchased it and figured I would take it home and check it out. When I took the stuffing out of the bag I was disappointed with the way the leather sort of wrinkled on the bag. This could be a problem only with that particular bag but to be honest I wasn't thrilled with how it hangs on your shoulder when it is loaded. It bows out in a funny sort of way. The strap isn't long like on a messenger bag but it is ample. I returned this bag and wouldn't recommend that anyone purchase it. If you want a large bag I think the Carly or Ergo is a much better choice. There are also several totes Coach makes that are far more attractive and useful.
  6. I think that is why this bag didn't do well. The leather should have been more "structured" so that it kept its shape when filled and on your arm - plus, it makes it easier to get into with that big ol' flap. I have seen other flap bags (less expensive ones to boot) that retain their shape way better.

    But as a I always say - if you try it on and love it, get it. :tup:
  7. I can't see the image but if it's the one I am thinking of, they wrinkle. I got one on eBay a while back and the one side was all wrinkled up.
  8. WOW! $159!!! I think I'll get it at that price, but now with tax it's like $550! I guess I'll have a 2nd thought about it. Too bad it won't function as a messenger bag...unless I buy some clip on strap with it. I wonder why they won't supply you with the longer strap at that price!