Anyone has Roxbury Drive in Violete?

  1. Does anyone here have a Roxbury Drive in violette? I am thinking about getting one you any have modeling pics? I just want to know what everyone's it a dressy/evening bag? I'm casual type of person. TIA

  2. Can't be much help just yet... But I just ordered (yesterday) the Roxbury Drive, Key holder and Cadenas in Violette! I really like purple, but it's hard to find it nicely executed in bags or clothing. The larger bags seemed like over-kill, but I fell in love with the Roxbury Drive (see photo in my signature below!). I'll post photos when they arrive.

    I'm a casual person, but i'm hoping to wear this out to dinner/show type outings with my DH or just around town with jeans. I don't think it's going to be a super dressy bag, because of the color, but I can't tell yet.
  3. you can ckeck the violette clup at referance threat or visual adds...
  4. So I went to my local boutique today..I saw the Roxbury Drive in violette...I think it's really pretty...but I didn't get it because I didn't get any replies earlier, I wasn't so sure about it... I got myself a Tivoli PM instead because it's a hard to find bag...
    I will always love violette/purple though and still plan on buying in the future..
    (Wander) Pls show us your Roxbury when you get it...I'm excited for you..can't wait to see your bag..Congrats!