Anyone has probs with Bare minerals?

  1. Hey ladies
    I just changed to Bare Minerals about 3 mths ago and I've actually noticed some breakouts on my forehead! dunno if its the make up or if I didnt clean the brushes properly? Is it ok to just clean with soap and water?
    Im thinking of going back to my Laura Mercier or Chanel foundation..sigh does anyone have any suggestions? I have combination skin normal/ oily t zone.

    thanks so much!;)
  2. I just started BM about a month ago, but did not notice any difference of breakouts (it's always active T.T). But i wouldn't use soap and water to clean those brushes, i use the brush cleaner to clean my brushes, just the Sephora brand.

    Also, how do you carry those brushes w/u? I don't want to hurt the brush by stuff it in the make up pouch, so i put them in a pencil case.
  3. i have normal/oily and bare minerals made me break out eventually. my skin rejected it or something, i just stick with laura mercier or loreal, actually. i asked my dermatologist and she said usually oily has a tendency to be extremely sensitive and the minerals might just irritate you, its rare but it happens.
  4. thanks classic chic and grace!
    I do have sensitive skin but oh well..hmm glad I only bought the starter kit...
    btw, I keep my brushes standing up in my make up box..
    thanks for the tips ladies!
  5. I can't use BM--it makes my skin itch like crazy! I was talking to my best friend who's a mineral makeup junkie. Anyways, she told me that although BM has a cult following and is the most popular mineral makeup--she doesn't think it's the best. I guess BM has some ingrediant that's known for the itchy factor--I think it was bismuth...

    Anyways, it doesn't hurt to try other mineral makeup lines.
  6. I bought BM too (starter kit) hearing all the wonderful praises bout it... but yes...eventually I too started breaking out here and there... When I first started the product it worked wonderfully..and my face just glowed with the fresh makeup look...but a month down the line face just rejected it all together:shrugs: ...not so much of breaking out...but the glow wasn't just didn't apply or stay on nicely...anyway...I switched over to Bobbi Brown and I'm LOVING it!!! :love:
  7. Bare Minerals felt really heavy on my face and gave my skin a strange gray cast. It looked great on my friend, but I'll have to look into other mineral lines. Any recs?
  8. That is the same thing that happened to me. It was like an oil slick. I don't like BM at all.