Anyone has pics wearing a Brief?

  1. Can't decide between a brief and a day styles... *sigh*.
  2. Hi there, you can actually try searching the forum for threads on both styles, there are heaps of pics posted, and you can compare all the different colors too :smile:
  3. Thanks! I did look through quite a few pics and think that day maybe a touch big and slouchy for me.
  4. I don't think I've seen a picture of someone wearing the brief style on their shoulder, so I'm not sure if a search would turn up anything. I've been looking for one.
  5. Get both? :graucho:
  6. I wish I could get both :p
  7. I love the Breif Style...

    I dont even mind it with the HG (in natural) which I'm not a huge fan of!
  8. does anyone know, if the size differs between a brief with GH and with regular hardware?
  9. I've also recently been toying with the idea of getting a Day or a Brief (marine w/ GH :love: ), so I'm interested in seeing pictures too.
  10. Hey RoKa, I just checked the PDF from Aloha Rag and there is NO difference in size between the GH and RH Briefs...
  11. Thanks monsoon88 can you maybe pm me the aloha rag pdf?

    I would like to see the brief w/ GH on person too. The brief would be nice if you can wear it under the shoulder...:p
  12. I have returned the vert d'eau giant brief and i've sold the natural because i feel it too big on me ( i'm 5.2").. but here you can see some pics
    Sorry for the outfit!
    Giant Brief v. d'eau 004.jpg Bale 029.jpg
  13. ^ Thank you! From your pictures, the brief looks bigger than I thought it would. I guess the more structured style makes it look bigger than the Day.
  14. Thanks! Your pics are so helpful:smile: I think the brief might be too big for me.