Anyone has pic of the Onatah Cuir GM en Aubergine ??

  1. Can you post your pics with the bag?? I kept thinking the same question(Should I get this one??):shrugs: Is this bag easy to take care? and will the rain damage the leather ? Thankss
  2. I'm thinking about getting this one too. I have it on backorder at eluxury. I saw it at a LV boutique, and my husband had to pry it out of my hands and drag me out of the store. He feels bad now that he was such a twerp at the store and has told me to get it. Would anyone who has it care to give a quickie review? Is it easy to take care of? Does it scratch too easily? Is it okay in the rain? Sorry for all the questions . . . I live too far from a store to check it out in person again.
  3. I have it and I think you'd have to drive over it befor it showed some were. Iceland only has two kinds of weather, wet or cold, and I've been wearing it almost everyday since I got it, it looks as good as new. Sorry I don't have any pics
  4. no, the bag doens't scratch easily. i had the same problems with you when i was deciding if i should get it..but after i got it, my worries were gone. this bag is easy to take care of..but i have not brought it out to the rain i dunno. and the little booklet does say that no water...hmmm

    here are my pictures
  5. :graucho: Nice bag ehhh:P . I tried the water test on the leather and it's fine. ( pour some water on the leather and it just rolled right off). Anyone considering it should get it:P
  6. Thanks so much for responding. YAY! I was hoping that those who had it loved it. I was nervous about backordering it, but now I'm excited!!! :yahoo: Woo-hoo!!!
  7. Hi Have It And Love It. There Is One Listed On Ebay That Looks Real To Me.