Anyone has Patent Gallery Tote?

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  1. So I went to Coach today with my bf to look for a present for his mom. While browsing around in the store, I saw this NICE white patent gallery tote ( Coach - PATENT GALLERY TOTE ) and fell in love with it instantly. Kinna reluctant to buy it since its white and thats the only color i love on this bag, im scared it would get dirty easily. Does anyone have this bag?

    And I didnt know theres a 25% discount sale today and a friend of mine happend to work there.. if i would have known that, i would for sure have gotten it already :crybaby: regardless anything
  2. I may still purchase this bag. I like how the hardware is silver. I purchased a star and a moon charm that would look really cute hanging off the winter white bag. I think it would be easier to keep clean because it is patent and you can just wipe spots off. I say, go for it!
  3. I Have it in Black
  4. ^^don't you mean mahagony?

    I LOVE the mahogany one!! I saw it yesterday at the store with 3 charms hanging for it..took so much just to leave it behind.
  5. yess im so sorry i dont know the specific colors
  6. {plugs in thoughts of embarassment}
  7. I don't have this particular bag, but I do have a MJ Patent Bowler in Chalk and it's tons easier to care for than I anticipated it would be. I was always scared of white bags too but I think the patent finish makes it much easier to keep clean. I say go for it, that's a really pretty bag.
  8. thanks guys, if its really easy to keep it clean, i'd probably consider to get it then
  9. if you get it the charms look FABULOUS against it!
  10. With the white patent, it's not really the dirt that I'm worried about because it's hard to get dirt on patent. I'm more worried about scuffing it.
  11. which charms did u see it with? but then i guess it goes with any charms..
  12. that is true.. ahhh. and im not sure if i'd spend that much money on a bag that i would use it to work. since i dont usually carry big bags when i go out
  13. I have the Patent Gallery Tote in Blue - and love it, but have a previous season's Lunch tote in White - a little taller and thinner. It's holding up fantastically well. Patent resists most everything - but will crack as it ages, but I'm talking about my grandmother's patent bags. But even those have their own kind of beauty.