Anyone has Navy Caviar 09P A40451 A01588 94015?

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  1. Hi ladies, please tell me if anyone of you own this bag? i would like to know if this bag has a naturally weird leather strap or is mine a defective one?? what i mean is the leather strap on mine looks like its really worn out and washed out...i know this is the new washed caviar, but the whole bag looks fine except for the straps where upon close inspection, its like very vintagey look..if you know what i mean. thank you...
  2. Could you post pictures to show us how it looks like?
  3. i cant really post a pic cuz i cant capture the leather in camera at all..
    sigh...anyone who own this? i think this is the ss09 act 1? cuz there are heaps of pics of the cruise caviar, which looks like normal...where the leather strap matches the leather on the bag..

    however, this one has different leather on the strap to the leather on the bag.. weird :confused1:
  4. Hi, i managed to took some pics...i think it pretty clear shot of what i described before..please help ladies..thanks....

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  5. another cleare pic..

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  6. [​IMG]
  7. :crybaby:wheres the rest,like the look of that colour.,is that the denim,i was just talking to a SA about summer maxi colour,and she said its denim,which looks like that,the others look lighter,or bit darker,anyway its nice,i'd get it,but funds are draining
  8. It's hard to tell the difference in this picture, because it doesn't show the details of the leather itself on your Jumbo, KWIM?

  9. Looks kinda worn from this picture. Is it recently purchased? Can you exchange for another one?
  10. its not the denim its the caviar...the rest of the bag looks like what a normal caviar would look like...just the strap which looks worn...
  11. the jumbo itself looks like how a normal caviar leather would look this begs the question why would the bag itself looks difference from the leather onthe straps...
  12. yes it does looks kinnda worn doesnt it...its recently purchased from a chanel boutique...i asked my SA he said he wasnt sure, then he asked the buyer who said tat;s the newer leather strap...weird weird...and no one has apparently seen this kinnda leather strap before...kwim..and i was assured tat its the way it do i argue with the SA who insisted tat's the way it looks...
  13. here are some cleare pics...i hope...

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