Anyone has modeling pics of Coach Monika boots?

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  1. I'm interested in the whiskey color of the Monika boots but haven't seen these in person. I like matchy matchy stuff and i just got the 07 whiskey legacy shoulder bag and i want these boots to match with it. Hopefully someone has modeling pics so i can have an idea how it may fit me. TIA!!! :flowers:

  2. anybody....?
  3. I have these boots!! I'll put them on and take pics for you!!
  4. Just a heads up....I saw these at Nordstrom Rack for around $80.
  5. Sorry I haven't posted the pics up yet. I have to do some errands but will back later tonight for you!!
  6. can't wait to see them!
  7. I just bought these today at Loehmann's, and I managed to get them for $18 from clearance (it was the last pair) and with a coupon!
  8. OMG-> I bought them for 164 total....Thinking I got a great deal ( this was a few months ago). Only to find out they went down to 80....Not to mention 18...Damn:cursing:
    :s:girlsigh:O well, I guess considering that they were like 400 originally. I guess I still got A deal just not the best. lol


    But they are very versatile and fun. I say get them especially at a sale price
  9. ^ wow amazing deal!!!!
  10. What is the Nordstrom rack? Is that like their sale section.... Sorry keep on hearing about certain stores racks...And wondering what people mean:shrugs:
  11. ^ Nordstroms Rack is the Nordstroms Outlet, basically.

    OMG I have seen these at Marshalls!
  12. Those are such cute boots! I wish I would have seen them IRL! I have been looking everywhere at Coach Boots, and everything around me only has wedges now!

  13. soooo no modeling pics??
  14. I AM SOO SORRY!! I have had a crazy week at home! We bought a new work out machine so I have been cleaning re-arranging. UGH!!! but i am done! I will post them up for you ! I did take them just haven't had time to upload them.
  15. thanks damienmomma! i appreciate the time you took just to take pics for me haha. can't wait to see them!