Anyone has mini flap

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  1. I search the library but couldn't find any picture. Can you post the pictures of your mini flap? Would be awesome if I can see the picture of you wearing her. :nuts:

    I saw this bag at Chanel store and love it. It's long enoug to wear across the shoulder and can wear as the shorter version too!!

    Thank you very much... :love:
  2. I've seen two pictured in the "celebs with their Chanel's" post, under the reference library (or shopping - not sure). I don't remember the page though, you might have to search a little.
  3. Found it. I don't know how to link to it, so it's under the reference library, post is "celebs and their Chanel's. it's on page 4 and it's the 5th thread down from RoseMary.
    I love it too. I'm actually considering ordering one tomorrow.
  4. Heres a pic of mine or is mine the 'small' not sure but hope it helps!


    you can also double the straps and wear it differently:

  5. ^^ Cute!!
  6. aprilvalentine, thank you so much for searching the pictures for me. :love: I found the pix. The bag is very cute!!

    minami, thank you very much for the pictures. Yes, this is the exact bag I want!!! You wear her well... Can you put a lot of stuffs in? wallet, cell phone?

  7. hi're very welcome!
    I can fit a credit card case, lipstick, a compact and a cell sometimes a pack of tissues as well but if you're comfortable with it you can put your cash and cards into the compartments inside the bag?
    btw what color you're getting?
  8. hi minami! can i know the exact size of your chanel? that the bag i want to buy... im planning to get my first chanel bag. is that the small? i was worried that it can't be worn across the body. good thing you sent those pics! love it.
  9. Thank you for your respond... I'm getting Black with silver chain. Will post more pix once I have her... She is very cute!!! :yahoo:
  10. thats the one I have lambskin with silver chain, the length is the same size as my palm, it fits a wallet, keys, mobile and of course lipgloss:yes:

    i love it to bits :heart: