Anyone has info about monogram dentelle line?

  1. Is it being waitlisted already? Or any other info or pics?

    will greatly appreciate it.
  2. I think my SA started a waitlist because of me lol. They didn't even have much info on it yet. In the lookbook thread (part 2) you can find pics.
  3. mine knows nothing, but i keep asking!
  4. I guess I will have to drop by a boutique. I want one. =)
  5. I just waitlisted for it at a Saks LV...who informed me to waitlist at another store as well because they're not sure how much the small stores will get. So I waitlisted at the Michigan Ave. LV and they say that they're expecting to be able to fulfill the entire waitlist.
  6. Launching feb. 20 and there will be a speedy!!
  7. Actually the besace and pochette will launch 2/15 and the rest of the line launches 3/1 (per info from an SA today when I waitlisted)
  8. aw, twiggers! the pochette WILL be in?!?!? thanks YET AGAIN for the info. that's awesome!
  9. Oh great. I want the besace or the pochette. I better get down there. =)
  10. photo: according to the manager at Michigan Ave. LV the pochette & besace are 2/15. All stores will be receiving items from the line...and apparently the bigger stores will of course get more. she said I wouldn't have a problem getting the speedys.

    Kiki: You can probably just call your local boutique and they'll put you in the computer.
  11. Great information ladies, I asked at my boutique right before the new year and no one knew anything about the line but with the new information I can ask them to start a list. :smile: