Anyone has heard of Roberta Gandolfi?

  1. Wondering if anyone has heard of this brand:
    "Roberta Gandolfi" from Italy.

    Here's their website:

    I just bought their bag, something similar to the one below that I came across on eBay, only the color is beige. Thought it'd be nice for Spring.

    I am just trying to decide whether I should keep it or return it :shrugs:

  2. Haven't heard of her, but I am definitely interested in finding out where her bags can be purchased. Goggle turned up nothing. Anybody know?
  3. I got mine at my local Winners Store for $129.99 CAD plus tax. I live in Vancouver, Canada. It's cute, just never heard of this brand before.

    Did some more search on google and found out that if you are in UK, you can get their bags through
  4. cute - he's new to me
  5. yes I have heard of her, I bought one of her bags from TJ maxx. got it on clearance for 50 bucks, white for summer, pretty good quality.
  6. I have seen them at TJMAXX too, they look like nice quality bags
  7. I just saw them at Marshall's today; there were several styles for $129. I'd probably get them if they were $50 like AntoinetteJ did...but probably not at $129.
  8. I have a GORGEOUS Roberta Gandolfi that I bought a couple years ago. It's very well made and roomy, and I didn't pay much for it at all. My Roberta Gandolfi top-zip hobo (real leather trim and the green panel in the front is actually a pocket) is pictured below:


    I'm always amazed at the nice bags I can get without spending hundreds of dollars!
  9. They are nice bags.
  10. Not familiar with the name but it's another one to add to the list I'd only ever enounter via other TPFers!
  11. sailornep5....ditto. Very nice bags.
  12. I just bought one of these bags yesterday at Marshalls. I totally fell in love with it for $129. Super good quality, super comfortable and gorgeous!! I'll try to post pics later. Mine has the little heart hanging from it too.
  13. Okay, here's a pic of the purse I got yesterday...
  14. That is an absolutely beautiful white bag! Probably the prettiest one I've seen this season with one exception....the Kooba Charlie. Love the hardware.
  15. That white purse is stunning! I wish I could find it here. It's a shame that so many are going to reject this brand because it's not that expensive...