Anyone has Gryson Skye in white w/ tan?

  1. the Skye in white w/ tan is on sale on their website but I never see a clear picture of this color. I called them but they don't have a pic either. Pleaseeeee post a pic if you have one. Thanks!
  2. I took these pictures because I sold it on eBay about a month ago. I got a great deal from Blue Bee boutique and was foolish enough to sell it.
    gryson skye 005.jpg gryson skye 004.jpg
  3. Thank you Greenabyss. It is so cute. I ordered it already for $392 including tax and free shipping

    Can't wait to see my new bag :choochoo:
  4. I have the bag and love it!!! Fantastic leather and it smells so good. I initially had some of the same issues others wrote about in the Gryson thread, mostly with trying to manuever around all the straps. But it's great once you get the hang of it.

    Cheers to us for our ability to catch a great bag on sale! I got mine from Label360 for $380 after using one of their discount codes. ;)

  5. Oh Now you have gone and done it girls! I have never owned a white bag...until now I guess. I had The Chocolate Skye and sold it since I got my woven but I missed it's leather. And even though I have a Camel tate, I decided to go ahead and get this one. The contrasting brown/tan leather is so striking to me.

    I have never used my straps on my Skye's because of the weird angle issue. I love the Tate because the strap buckles are on the front of the bag and not the top. I always liked the Skye as a handheld bag anyway.
  6. Oh my goodness- that is beautiful! I don't think I could ever attempt an all white bag, but if I decided to try- this would be it!