Anyone has experienced purchasing @

  1. I wonder if anyone has experienced purchasing handbag @ I am a little hesitate to purchase "medium messenger bag" at since the only way to communicate with them through email.

    Can you please share your experience with me? I truly appreciate.

    Thank you,
  2. I bought my Chain Large Hobo online, no problems. If you have any questions, email them and they will email you back with a phone number. Then, you can order over the phone if you have problems.
  3. I bought 2 bags from them online. Easy transaction, no problem.
  4. I bought my newest wallet from them. Very fast at letting you know where your stuff is.
  5. I've bought twice from them and it's been fine. The only thing they 'messed up' from my last order was they sent someone else's invoice with my order. I emailed them and they sent me the order confirmation email I got earlier.
  6. I bought 2 bags from them online. Everything went perfectly and the shipping was VERY fast. I plan on purchasing more bags from since my Gucci Boutique has unfriendly SA's
  7. I definitely agree with the other posters is great to shop from, have bought lost of shoes from them, always get my order in a timely manner.... dh on the other hand always get his order cancelled due to them selling out of the item, lol!! he's not so fond of them, he, he.
  8. I have purchased from them with no problems and fast shipping.
  9. Thank you for the info. It helps me a lot. I am going to order my bag on since my local store associates are very unfriendly.

    Does charge any gift wrapped?
  10. does anyone know when the online sale will start?
  11. i would love to buy online with but unfortunately they dont ship to canada :sad:.
  12. They are pretty good with shipping times and everything. So you should feel confident about ordering from them. You can always return it if you don't like it. :biggrin:
  13. No problem ordering form I've ordered from them 2 bags already. Fast shipment.:tup:

  14. Once you ordered from them, they will constantly send you mail of when will their sale start.
  15. I had no problems last month when I ordered my first Gucci from them. Delivery was perfect also.