Anyone has Dior Panarea canvas tote?- advice for newbie.

  1. I've just called the boutique and asked the purple one to be reserved for me! I will go there tomorrow and pick it up. Maybe i will change my mind to get the red instead? Ha ha. But i know in my heart, i like the purple more. It's a dark purple color, it looks very versatile and match with everything. I saw the silver color too. It's another special color and gorgeous!
  2. Oh how exciting!!!! If you don't mind me asking (I do not live close to a boutique), how much is the tote? I just may call and order one- silver!!! Thanks!
  3. I'm in Malaysia, the medium silver is RM3800, the large one is RM4200 if i'm not mistaken. :biggrin:
  4. The silver is so pretty.. It'll be so great for parties! =)
  5. I've just seen this bag in Dior here but I didn't ask the price. Please share the measurement of yr bag's length. Please post a modelling pic too if you don't mind. Thx..
  6. Malaysian? Please go for red panarea as it's really stunning IRL...
    Don't forget to post pics & modelling pics too...
  7. Curious on panarea size. I've seen only 2 sizes at the boutique so far. How many sizes are actually available in the market now?
  8. They have 3 sizes. However the store only display the medium and large size. The smallest is really small, can only be used as dinner bag IMO. You really think red nicer than purple? Have you seen these 2 colors IRL? I'm really confused about what color should I pick now.....
  9. Yes, the RED looks better than purple IMHO. Red is easier/ neutral color to match clothings than purple. Go & see it yrself & decide which u like most.
    That's what I thought when I saw the smaller bag, it's good as dinner bag too..
  10. Ladies-

    Does anyone have a SA they would recommend in the US? Looking to purchase the Panarea tote!!!! Thanks!
  11. You haven't bought the Panarea tote for yourself? Any color you have bought or going to buy? I will drop by the store later today, i will see which color will win my heart :p
  12. I just bought my Panarea Tote in Purple! But i might change my mind to get a red within 7 days :p
  13. Yay!!! Cannot wait to see photos!!!! Enjoy!
  14. I think the purple sounds decadent! :smile: But it IS really hard to decide.
  15. Congratulations on your new Panarea! Please share pics with us when you decide on the color!