Anyone has Dior Panarea canvas tote?- advice for newbie.

  1. I've fallen in luv with Dior Panarea canvas tote in beige colour because of its elegant look & lightness.

    My question are
    1. I understand it's water resistant. Is it easy to clean dirty stain from it?
    2. Any colour discolouration within 3-5 years usage?
    3. Any ongoing issue with the leather handles?
    4. Finally, will you choose leather or canvas bag?

    I'm not into 'investment' & have no plan to sell in future but more for my own pleasure & personal usage.
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  2. I purchased a beige Panarea for my mom and she LOVES it! It's her go-to bag for almost everything.

    1. The canvas is very easy to clean. I actually helped my mom clean the bag last time when I visited with a damp cloth and water, and where she left some dirt marks came right off beautifully.

    2. Can't say since my mom has had it since last December (hasn't changed color at all), but like any fabric, if you expose it to too much UV light, it will change color (regardless of the brand).

    3. The leather on the handles is tough (it's either reinforced or very thick leather) so the handles stay upright even when the bag is not in use. My mom thinks the handles are very comfortable, too.

    4. The Panarea comes primarily in coated denim. They have a patent leather version and some limited edition versions in other fabrics, but I recommend the coated denim version as it is easiest to maintain.
  3. averagejoe- :ty::ty:Been :thinking:it for a week!

    Actually I was looking for a gift for my sister and I've decided to get her the black small canvas tote but forgot to bring my extra $$ & CC on my rush to catch my transport.
    Now that I've time to think, I luv the beige myself especially with the gold h/w! It looks so beautiful but the one available is on display and with so many shoppers touching it, I've noticed some stains on it. It is so pretty and I myself have never like black colour. The red is TDF but will suit my sister in law better. I'm getting 1/2/3 by next week!
    Maybe I should go on a ban after this.....
  4. Be sure to ask the boutique to clean the floor model before you purchase it. You should never buy a bag with a stain on it for that price, even if the stain can be cleaned off. If you are not comfortable with purchasing the floor model, you can request that they order one from a different boutique and have it shipped to this one (provided that it is not the floor model at that boutique as well).
  5. Thx again! If there is no new beige available, I'll wait for new stock to arrive or get it in S'pore or Malaysia during my holiday in Aug. I'm not in hurry since there is no sales for majority Dior bags & the price has just gone up recently too.
  6. I have a small one in blue jean color. It's my everyday bag. I only have it for a couple of months so I don't know if it will discolor in a few years. The
    handles are sturdy and very comfortable. I use this canvas bag for work and my lambskin LD for going out. Love it!
  7. :ty::ty: :flowers:
    Please, please share a pic of your Blue Jean. I've not seen it before. I've to ask my SA on this colour.
    In the store right now, black, red, beige, purple, light pink & 2 seasons bags in black. I've seen a grey & bronze on Dior's thread only.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a large olive green tote available or it's seasonal color? I couldn't find it in Dior website.
  9. Hi Marisa,

    The olive green Panarea was a Fall 2010 colour. I don't think it's a current colour for the Panarea collection.
  10. I see. Guess it's rare now TT.TT
    Thanks a lot!!
  11. Any idea of the current season color for this tote? I like the purple but not sure it's the latest color or not.
  12. Hi there,

    I just bought the new silver metallic panarea, which I've heard is a new color for the holiday season. (See pics below). I'm in love with it!! It's very durable, too.
    Christian Dior 005 (Small).jpg Christian Dior 004 (Small).jpg
  13. I am in LOVE with this bag!!! Where did you find it?!!! 
  14. It's such a nice bag. I really can't wait to get one for myself. Do you think a dark purple color for it is nice too? Or i shall get a red one? I'm not keen on other light color like beige although they are all gorgeous color!
  15. Purple sounds lovely and it is a color not often seen!!! Let us know what you purchase!!!!