Anyone has coupon for D&B?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm planning on getting my first designer bag. I understand that D&B doesn't fit the style of many of you, but I liked some of the bags. I'm on the look out for a coupon. So, if any of you have a coupon you don't intend to use or if there is an online coupon please let me know.

  2. I usually receive one in the mail closer to the Holidays. If I get one I will let you know.
  3. try checking out macy's tomorrow.. i read it on their newspaper ads na some designs will be on sale
  4. If you can find an outlet, I was at one recently and they were clearing tons of styles out for under $100 per bag.
  5. I agree--try Macys or Nordstrom! I'm sure both stores will be having great deals for Dooney
  6. You need to run to the nearest outlet! I have about 6 bags that I paid 50-60% under retail AND they have coupons occasionally. You could call maybe. ANd they have had some of the latest bags there. Give it a try- might save you some $$!
  7. Check Macy's or Dillards
  8. Also, Marshalls has alot of D&B bags.
  9. tjmaxx usually has dooney bags...they had a bunch today....a lot were only $80 (signature satchels and such)!
  10. dillard's had a ton of D&B on sale yesterday.the most off was 40%. they had some really nice glove leather and pebble leather styles included in the sale.
  11. I would love that Disney16.
    Thank you all for your responses. Unfortunately there are no outlets close to where I live and no Dillards either.

  12. yea, use the macy's friends and family coupon 20% off dooney/coach, etc
  13. TJ Maxx has a bunch of them, along with Coach, and many others that are at least 40% off.:yes:
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