anyone has any insights as to why the classic flaps went thru such a big price increa

  1. where as the GST/PST didn't? is this a relfection of how much these bags are actually worth? in terms of the material and the amount of worksmanship that's required?
    or is this due to a disrepancy in popularity? but based on this board it seems that the GST has always been quite popular...any thoughts?
  2. i bet it's because of the demand. Well, flap uses more leather too.
  3. My guess would be it's popularity.
  4. i think its the increase of demand over production
  5. I bought one and returned it a few months ago, and decided I do want it...but now it's hundreds more. =(
  6. I was wondering the same thing. its a smaller bag :shrugs:
  7. My take is the more popular selling bags got hit first, and since the classics are the tried and true staple, strike while the iron is hot. Classics include reissues since they are similar in design. In the 80s I read an article re Ralph Lauren sweaters, which were very expensive and hand made. The workers were paid less than $7 for each sweater. I'd hate to think the folks who made Chanel bags are underpaid. It would be disturbing news.
  8. Also keep in mind it had been quite a while, at least a year, since Chanel had an increase of any kind.
  9. true, so why is it that only the classic flaps went up so significantly, while the other timeless collections didn't? by all means, i'm not complaining that htey haven't, but just kinda wonder why such a big discrepancy?
    and if you look at the price of gst @ 1750 vs. the med. classic flap @ $1995, does that seem right?
  10. All of the Chanel bags have jumped in price over the last two years. When I was complaining about the increases across the board (Prada bags are now over $2,000 as well) DH explained that it is because the US Dollar is so devalued and the luxury goods that I happen to prefer are made in Europe. I wonder then if Chanel bags have gone up substantially outside of the US...:shrugs:
  11. if it's a dollar thing, which i do understand, then all styles should increase or decrease across the board, not so significantly in one grouping
  12. I'm sure like anything else, if it takes more time = manpower, then it will go up more.
  13. chanel is now getting more popular and it is now the IT bag of young hollywood stars and socialites.. Chanel has been featured in many many articles, more so than I have seen in the last 10 years.. even a clip on the martha stewat show. how many people do you think went out and bought anything chanel when that clip aired. plus it aired 2 times..
    its no longer and old ladies bag- like it was said to be before(in which I never thought it was) I have always loved chanel. The more publicity they get the more the prices increase.. plus they got to keep paying DEAR SWEAT "KARL L "
  14. another interesting thing about the price of GST i forgot to add, in canada, the GST is cheaper than both the petite shopper ( the boxy one that zips fully) as well as the medallion tote...the gst is 1825 and the medallion and the petite shopper are both at 1900 CAD...the SA said that the price of the GST actually went down about maybe a year ago to 1825, though she's surprised that it hasn't gone up yet, amist the price increases of the clasic flaps, but it's still interesting that the GST was the only style that went down in price in canada at least
  15. I think they are trying to make it very exclusive again.