Anyone has any experience loaning handbags?

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  1. I noticed seems quite a good concept. But has anyone used their service before? How's the condition of the bag? Appreciate some inputs. Thanks in advance.:shame:
  2. Hi I saw that too. Its a great idea in hindsight. Try before you buy sort of thing. I haven't tried it though. If you do let us know and have it authenticated in the relavent section. Just to make sure
  3. Oops, I've googled some more and found some negative comments from those people using that site. Hmmm, think I'll refrain from using them although they have some great bags i.e. my dream bags in store. Think I'll rather scour the preowned consignments shops or even eBay then.
  4. It always seemed like a good idea to me but I don't know about borrowing. In the end I would probably want to keep all of my bags.
  5. When they first launched I checked it out because it seemed like an innovative idea. But at the end of the day I figured it's still better to save my $ to actually BUY a bag as opposed to paying for the access to borrow from a selection of bags.
  6. At $275 to borrow one of the high-end bags for a month I'd rather save for 4-5 months and BUY the bag I want.